Up the damage of bleeds

The 8 seconds is too short to maintain a 20 stack.
I have yet to maintain it once.
Since its only use is bosses in PvE, either
Boss has long combo… bye bye stack.
run out of stamina, dodging attacks and fighting… bye bye stack.

This is particularly an issue with the giant Croc/Lacerta boss’ triple sweep attack. I have been able to maintain the stack by attacking while it’s in the ‘wind up’ animation, then rushing in to attack immediately after it finishes the sweeps, but there is little margin so it requires very precise timing.

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That was the point. :wink:

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Well, to be fair - that was ostensibly the point for PVP - the eight seconds was claimed it would still allow the same utility for PVE. As Gooseneck and DeMonet have said, it isn’t actually working out that way. Like many of these combat tweaks/changes (nerfs…), it is something that can be got used to, can be worked round, but it is still yet another way that the player has been slightly weakened. Not much of a problem really for those of us that have been playing a long time, because it’s a relatively small adjustment, and just makes the fight longer (grindier) not particularly more difficult - but that isn’t necessarily going to be the same for newer players, who are maybe less used to timing the animations, and perhaps more reliant on not having to keep reapplying the stack.


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