Upcoming AMA by Dennis Douthett

I just stumbled upon this tweet:

For those who don’t know, “AMA” stands for “Ask Me Anything”. So, let’s all get ready to pepper Dennis with all sorts of questions next Thursday :smiling_imp:


godspeed dennis


oh boy


I feel sorry for Dennis, he is brave… Sure he is. :rofl:

I have like 20 questions hehehehehe.

Shoukd we post them here for.denis to prepare or surprise him hehehe


My thought exactly, going on reddit. Only steam can be worse :rofl:



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Yes, good call @Palm522. If you know what you’re gonna ask him, I would definitely post them here so he can prepare. Good luck Dennis! :innocent:


can i be evil with denis? and surprise him? XD XD XD


One question dennis how much is the dlc going to cost :grin::+1:see you next week


you mean the expansion?

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If they tell us the price of siptah for ps4 it wouldn’t hurt, I’m not going to ask them anything, they don’t answer me here much less will they do it there hehehe.

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: oops sorry I couldn’t resist.

I do not use social media myself. So although unlikely, I am just going to post a question here in the hope that if Dennis happens to see it here, he will do me a kindness and answer.

Q: Dennis now that you are the Lead Designer, I am interested to know if you would be open to expanding upon Crom in Conan Exiles and consider giving us some additional goodies or artifacts for roleplayers and his devotees to use?

For CROM!! :mountain_snow: :metal:


@CodeMage Wild Conjecture Ahead:

May 20 - Dennis Douthett AMA
Also May 20 - Mystery free game on Epic store (TBA on … May 20)

Probably just a coincidence. the game was withdrawn from a free offering on Epic last year a day before it was to become available, IIRC.


oh no, what might that be now that we have launcher and FLS it is actually feasible

for the record I think CE will go Epic later date, after siptah launch, but… maybe

Will you play a populated official server for a week with more of your employees to get a grasp on how the game actually plays?


Dear Dennis

  1. Can you please tell us anything about :
    A) server transfers
    B) thrall cap
    Please throw us a bone , anything.

  2. Will it be possible to some braziers (eldariun ones) to have the same functionality as radiant torches? Add a dye and have a different frame color?maybe a few basic colors? Or just be able to have braziers that has, purple blue yellow cyan. I can see some of them in vaults and the light effects are great.

  3. My cook us missing pineapple pizza , and I can’t find the recipe :rofl:


are we supposed to place questions here? or only reddit counts?

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No idea. I am guessing they check here. So no harm asking here. It’s their forum after all.

@Ignasis can you please check if we can post questions for Dennis here or we need to go to reddit too? Thanks

Wherever you ask the questions, only the ones that concern us least will be answered, Dennis will answer what he can, but unfortunately at the moment we players have hundreds of questions, those questions are what interests us, the errors of the game, siptah with date of launch but still without price, official pve-c servers with infinite loading screen and this to put some example.

It is not easy at all to ask questions that will not be answered, some call us haters, when we are only looking for answers, to put you in a situation only in my family we are 7 lovers of conan exiles, some of us play on ps4 and others play on pc, today those who play pc have insisted that just like this siptah on pc it is not worth renting a server and I say again that we all love the game.

Maybe what I have told is not related 100% to the thread and if so I am very sorry.

So Dennis, you are brave enough to answer the few questions you can answer.

Can someone please ask “wouldn’t it be easier and more effective to add a book to the game to teach people how to fight than to reduce the meta to a form more degenerate than poke and roll”?