Upcoming follower limits on official servers

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Greetings, Exiles!

We are going to activate the Follower Limit on all official servers, all platforms, on June 29. First introduced in the Mounts update, this feature caps the maximum amount of allowed thralls and pets a player or clan can have active at any given time. Specifically - placeable combat thralls and pets. You can still have as many crafter thralls as you please.

Why are we doing this?

We are doing this for multiple reasons, first and foremost of which are reducing lag and increase server frame-rate, especially for consoles, on official servers

In addition to this, a limit like this will make building enormous land-claimed areas more difficult to defend, which is one of many steps we intend to take towards solving problems with sieges and PvP going forward. We want players to feel like they are in control over a war-band, not an army.

When is the limit going to be activated in official servers?

On Tuesday, June 29th 2021.

How does it work?

A player/clan will have a maximum amount of Followers available to them. This maximum amount grows depending on the amount of members in the clan. A solo player will have as a maximum of available Followers the “base limit”. If they create a clan, and a new member joins the clan, this maximum goes up by a certain amount per new member. Players will not be able to place any more thralls beyond this limit. This is what we call the “soft cap”.

On top of the soft cap, there is a cap of 100 extra followers. This is what we call the “hard cap”. Any followers above this will be considered for the elimination until the hard cap is met.

These are the values we are going to use on all official servers.

  • Base limit: 50 followers.
  • Amount added per member in a clan: 15 followers.
  • Note: A solo player is treated as a 1 person clan .

Example 1 : A clan of 5 members in an official server will have a soft cap of 125 followers: 50 from the leader’s base limit, plus 15 per player on the clan. Beyond this limit, they will not be able to place any new followers. In the eventuality that they happen to have more than 125 followers in game, the system will only start to eliminate them beyond 225 (hard cap).

Example 2: A full clan of 10 members will have a soft cap of 200 followers, and a hard cap of 300.

What happens to Followers already placed when the limit is implemented?

If a player or clan are above the allocated hard cap, the system will run a check and periodically select from their followers the ones considered the weakest, and delete them one by one until the hard cap is met. To determine a follower’s strength, we use the formula Level by their Tier. For instance, a level 6 Tier 4 thrall will have a score of 24, while a level 20 Tier 1 thrall will have a score of 20. If two followers are tied in their score, one will be selected at random.

We strongly recommend organizing any thralls you definitely want to keep before the limit is in place. Remember, you can now check in the Follower Management screen if you’re above the limit, and where each one of your applicable followers are located, and break bonds or rescue them from that screen as well.

I own or play in a private server. Does this affect me?

No. This limit is going to be activated on official servers. However, this is one of the many server settings also available for private servers and can be fully customizable or completely disabled if so desired.


Let the complaints begin. This should be interesting


HAHA so true but very much needed. Some people just spam thralls.

A suggestion I would like to see implemented is when you call a thrall for being stuck (where you make them return and they lose everything on them), the thrall would return to your inventory. Which then you have to put them out like normal. My reasoning is, I get a really good thrall and they get the worst perks. I don’t mind leveling them again.


Can a 10 man clan have a crew of 200 pirate thralls in full outfit???


me parece perfecto!


Sounds reasonable.

1 player has a soft cap of 65 and a hard cap of 165.

Only one question I have is related to the hard cap.

  1. Can you remove follower(s) while above the soft cap and replace them with another follower(s)? Or you stuck with the followers you have unless you get down below the soft cap so you can replace/place a new one?

So I have to assume that 2.4.6 update will be the 29th🤔
You said in a week or two, I really hope it’s only one😅

I still remember 2 years ago when this was announced hurrying around and culling thralls back to acceptable limits only to be left hanging. Seriously thought this had been forgotten about, but glad to see there is at least deference given to eliminating weaker thrall first ahead of stronger ones. The lack of such a culling method (when this was first announced), and the ability to rescue lost thralls were among the main issues myself and others balked at.

Props on addressing both those shortcomings.


TROLL!!! JK…but I see what you did there, even with a patch on one of my eyes.


Just going by what they describe is no. The hard cap is to protect against a troll or 2 I your clan from quitting and forcing deletion. So if you merge 3 or 4 solos and your thrall count were all at soft cap of 65, you would have 260 thralls. The soft cap would be 110, and hard cap 210. Meaning 55 thralls will start to be deleted. This seems like a way to minimize the punishment for mergers by allowing the 100 thrall window. between soft and hard.


Could you please add numbering of the thralls in thrall-overview. This would greatly improve the overview over the own thralls and how many one can still place with the coming caps.


R u ok?


Awesome news! Fingers crossed that this helps the server performance as much as some of us are hoping it will :smiley:

Oh, man, that was unforgettable. :rofl:

At first, there wasn’t even a way to know how many you had, where they were, or even an option to kill them. We had to run around with thrall pots and feed boxes to make sure we didn’t miss any leftovers from clanmates who quit, and then either take those followers to a boss or to lava.

Amen to that! They made the system even better than I imagined they would. Kudos to the team :smiley:

Why do you think they’re finally activating the follower cap, dude?


Based on my testing back when both cap settings were introduced, you can’t place new thralls if you are beyond the soft cap but you can get some of those thralls in the cages and they will be counted towards the hard cap.


This sounds great for pvp servers, but I doubt it will do much regarding landclaim on pve servers, they will likely continue to make huge sandstone foundation landclaims either by snaking from base to base or webs around their base to ensure easy refresh and that no one will build close to them, however it will remove the zoo’s of pets and thralls some players have around their bases, that is a good thing after all :slight_smile:


Been waiting for this
I really hope the lag will improve

And I really hop we can focus on AI after this update, cause our AI’s need a little love!


Very good. Now do the same with building pieces and land claim :slight_smile:


Now I’m not against this, as I agree that people abuse the follower system.
The zoo of failed attempts at getting a “greater” pet, or the mass amount of craftable followers.

But my only opinion is as a Single player who is honest, it takes my ability to Control 2 or more bases located in other Biomes. I set up my Thralls accordingly to protect against Purges and other online players that lure NPCs into my camp.

So I may have 50 Thralls at 1 base. And another 50 at another. I currently sit at 114 Thralls/pets.


Then you are fine, as a solo you have 65 soft cap / 165 hard cap. You just won’t be able to place anymore thralls.


errr…how? i see no total quantity of followers
or are we expected to manually count each and every one?