Upcoming follower limits on official servers

You are obviously a pve player

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If you need a thrall in PvP, speaks alot of your skills.

Anyone can rent a CoD server if their system is not capable of both hosting and playing at the same time. Players who buy battlepasses and cosmetics pay for the public Fornite servers and can set up private matches.

I don’t think anyone wants to see Conan “C-Bucks/Coins” to purchase Sword of Crom “skins”, extra thrall “slots”, building “limit allowance” or a yearly full price Conan release, so you have to re-buy all the DLC all over again.


Is your family still playing? You were on 1821 PVE-C, yes?


What is the name of the pirate armor want some for my wife. Thanks in advance.

I can tell you straight away that the lag isn’t caused by thralls. Or do you think that someone has figured out a way to capture, break and place enough thralls to create severe lag on Siptah on the first day the servers opened?

It’s ridiculous, for example when i leave the Pools area i can’t see the rest of the world until i have ridden about 10 seconds on an empty abyss, then the land magically appears under me. The bosses seem to stand still but then they teleport right next to me and i’m a goner. Or they seem to just walk in a straight line right by me when in reality they are kicking my unprepared behind. I have to stand about 5 seconds outside my building when i’m bringing an unconcious thrall in before it renders itself visible, and i’m not talking about a huge fortress, it’s a small hut with one wheel inside. I have trouble getting my gear back when i’m killed since it takes a few seconds for the inventory to open and i’m able to loot meself. Try standing on your corpse, naked and waiting while some fighters poke you with swords, pikes and whatnot.

Those were just a couple of examples. The lag is everywhere, all of the time. Don’t blame the thralls.

I haven’t tried the pools yet so can’t comment about that area. I haven’t felt lag on Siptah beyond initial log in. Personally, I do not think the thralls do that much performance issues but I am sure it plays a part since they are moving pieces which will take a bit more resources than a foundation which sits there. Granted, light sources (torches, braziers) are known to cause performance issues when abused, since it has to calculate each light source and its radius of light/shadows.

Some say, they have not felt any change with the follower changes. I would not know personally since I had no issues personally before to notice any difference of 60 less followers in one area. (either deleted or moved away)

One of the real issues for any online game is unfortunately the player’s computer. Not any game can resolve this, but they do work on optimizing the game so more players can play effectively. ESO has constantly for example attempt to fix lag issues in the Cyrodiil (PvP zone). I typically in years past did not have much issues other than a huge zerg of enemies and allies fighting in one small area and it was still playable for me. Others complained about lag death (based on the forums). I haven’t been in large scale pvp in a couple years now to comment its feel currently with all the optimizations since. I tend to play it medium packed zone instead of a fully packed zone these days.

I will check out the pools area one day soon to see I run into the same lag issues. I been down south but mainly in the center area.

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They have studied a considerable amount of crash logs, and server data.
It is not the only cause of performance issues, but to deny that pet/thrall spam is a contributing factor is preposterous.


There was no severe lag on Siptah on the first day the servers opened in early access. The first time we got severe server performance problems was sometime later, when some players figured out how to cheese Maelstrom. That would cause extreme server-side lag and even crash the server.

I can only conclude that you’re playing on a console, since those are the only servers that could have had server-side lag from day one.

“Lag” is a word that means way too many things. When discussing these issues, it’s important to distinguish between different kinds of performance problems, such as server-side lag, client-side lag, or network lag. This distinction is very important for this discussion, because the follower limit is a measure Funcom introduced to help reduce server-side lag.

All of the things you described here are normally caused either by client-side lag or network lag. The nature of the symptoms makes it clear it’s not server-side lag.

The terrain not loading up happens either because your client has too much work to do and is unable to attend to rendering the terrain (client-side lag), or because it is waiting for the server to send the information about the terrain (network lag). It’s not always easy to distinguish between those two, but one way to do so would be to note whether you keep falling down into the “abyss” and then magically teleporting up, or if you’re riding over the abyss on invisible terrain. If it’s the former, that’s a typical sign of network lag; if it’s the latter, it’s probably the client-side lag.

Bosses teleporting behind you is another behavior that clearly isn’t server-side lag. You can tell, because the enemy behavior – movement and attacks – is still being simulated on the server and sent to your client.

That’s another clear example of the AI running merrily on the server, without problems, and your client catching up periodically to what the server has executed. Walking in a straight line is the best approximation your client can do for enemies when it doesn’t get (or doesn’t have the capacity to process) the information the server has about those enemies.

I’m not going to go over the rest of your examples, because they’re pretty much all in the same vein. Like I explained, thralls are most likely to cause server-side lag, rather than client-side lag. Network lag is a separate beast and could be caused by the actual network problems – such as connection latency or packet loss – but it can also be caused by client-side or server-side performance problems, where either the client is too busy to properly receive and process the data from the server, or the server is too busy to properly send it.

Server-side lag is actually not too hard to detect. On PC, you can do it by activating the debug HUD, using the ToggleDebugHUD console command, which will display the information about the “server FPS” in the upper right corner. That’s a built-in indicator of server performance that every PC player can see and monitor easily.

Sadly, that’s not available on consoles, so the only thing you can do is reason about the symptoms. The biggest distinguishing characteristic of server-side lag is that it’s non-local: if everyone on the server is lagging in the same ways, and not just you, that’s clearly a server-side problem. A typical symptom of server-side lag is when the enemy AI goes brain-dead. Another typical symptom is if everyone starts complaining about rubberbanding.

AI has been proven to be one of the – but not the only one – causes of server performance problems in Conan Exiles. The latest data point – again, not the only one, just the latest – was the update when they added human NPC camps to Siptah. Prior to that, the only human NPCs were those in the Camp of the Castaways and the NPCs from the surges, either wild or summoned. As soon as they added the NPC camps, players on most servers started noticing decreased server performance, reporting clear signs of server-side lag spikes.

As for the client-side lag you’re experiencing, I don’t even know what platform you play on, so I can’t even begin to speculate. I do know that the New Lands update had some client-side performance problems due to malfunctioning LOD on the Isle of Dawn. I don’t remember if they fixed that or not, but I mention it to explain that even if it isn’t your hardware per se, the map might still have problems like that in certain spots.

TL;DR: Followers are a big cause of server performance problems. What you’re describing are not server performance problems, they’re either on your client or due to your network. There has been plenty of data showing that followers can and often do cause server performance issues, which is why it was necessary for Funcom to limit them.


My wife and I play on Ps4 we can easily see each other’s screens plenty of times where one of us are having issues and the other isn’t and can see the other’s character and looks normal. @CodeMage I would assume that is client side as in the console not keeping up?

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Depending on what kind of issues you’re having, it could be the console not keeping up or it could be that you’re fighting for bandwidth. Or maybe it’s something else that I overlooked. Without knowing any details, it’s hard to even guess. And even with details, it’s not always possible to pinpoint the exact cause with a high degree of confidence.

But yeah, at the first glance, based on the limited info, it doesn’t sound like a server-side problem.


PS4/PS5 needs to wait for 2.5 since the texture issue seems to be client side.

Also, @CodeMage why don’t you start with your TL;DR save me a scroll, please…lol

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Thanks for teaching me about Poe’s Law

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