Upcoming Item Power Fix

I doubt it’s specifically Dark Agartha as much as it is the scaled missions. It seems like those will be more of the flavor moving forward.

And yes, more communication is better. But is definitely not the norm.

You cannot defeat my Salt with Logic AWOL!!!

Yup, that’d make sense. And hey, if we want to change the norm then it has to start somewhere :smiley: the journey of a thousand steps begins with just one as they say :smile:

And we both know there’s not enough logic in the world to overcome your salt mate :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, how about ladders. :disappointed:

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I know, right? All that did was make sure there are certain missions I’ll never do again. Not exactly a QoL change.

This is a step in the right direction, but the item power system will really require a bigger overhaul if the intention is to make it a more meaningful value in determining character potential. Right now, glyphs and signets contribute the same IP within their categories despite having vastly different effects. For example, an evasion glyph should give less IP if you’re queuing as a DPS or an Assault Rifle signet should give less IP if you’re queuing as a Tank.

Maybe that’s too complicated? In that case there’s really no reason to even tinker with the current state of the system. It exists purely as a gating mechanism based on how much you farmed or paid. Pips don’t discriminate when it comes to the distillates they require. A 1-pip crit glyph is probably worth more than a 3-pip evade glyph even for a tank anyway.

Are we sure that other items like talismans don’t correctly calculate based on the number of pips? Because to fix just one out of the many items that do this would be weird.

Unless they’re introducing new glyphs or something else that can go into the glyph slot, I can’t come up with a logical explanation for this.

PS. You can still fast run up ladders. But my lips are sealed on the subject. Experiment.

Talismans of the same level and color show the same Item Power regardless of their pips or even their slots, even though they can differ vastly in Power Rating. If they contribute differently to your overall IP, it’s not reflected in the tooltips of the individual items.

As far as I’m concerned, Item Power is and will remain a meaningless number for anything but letting you know which content you have access to. The system is not capable of gauging player skill, the actual measure that matters in terms of performance potential, and so any attempts to make Item Power a more accurate reflection of potential will not be helpful.


Indeed; after reading through some of the comments and feedback folks brought up after the announcement, we are going to make sure Item Power is consistently calculated across all item types. This will go live for tomorrow’s patch.


@AndyB does “all” item types also include weapons? I can see some … outcry if suddenly two pip weapons, which are perfectly viable, suffer a 10% loss in weapon power.

If glyph stats won’t change after the update then presumably power rating and weapon power won’t, either. Low-quality items will just have less IP.

That’s one step away from guessing and the Sheriff told Andy never to guess!

For my taste, there are too many possible implementations of this “fix” which could result in having weapon power scale with pips too. That’s a scenario I wouldn’t like to see.

I’d like to stress again that your actual stats are not changing; just your Item Power. You won’t suddenly lose 10% of total damage; you’ll just see a minor fluctuation of Item Power’s displayed value on your paper doll/stats page.

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That is all well and good.
One possible negative consequence though is that some people may well find themselves with a lowered IP which makes them ineligible to run some Elite dungeon levels they previously could run - even though their actual ability hasn’t changed at all.

Funcom has already addressed that. The group finder will use the highest achieved IP, not the current one, and that’s going to reflect pre-patch values for characters who lose IP for any reason.


I admire your dedication to having to echo Funcom’s Statements lol


The importance of this patch makes a lot of sense with the addition of the 4-pip stuff from Dark Agartha.



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So does this mean the new 4pips will increase IP?

IP has been normalized around 3 pips. So indeed, the max possible IP should increase with 4 pips.