Upcoming patch updates

@AndyB and @Spynosaur_Nicole, I know that FC is working hard on the a patch to fix the “hair bug”. Please be sure to give us as much advance notice so that any unconquered characters can avoid the middle of a major dungeon quest and fighting the boss when the servers come down for the wig fix…

Thank you so much…

Yes, we’re aware of the issue and it should be resolved in an upcoming update. That and the naked scholars.

Definately! Already conquered at 34 because of a disconnect. I knew it could happen, but extremely frustrating. Wish we had disconnect death insurance lol. Good luck :blush:

But we do have it, it’s called necro pets… :sweat_smile:

LOL! It was a necro that died fighting a snake, no quarter given when the game disconnected to the log in screen. Oh well, it’s the way of things

Weird. Did you have the pets on defense? :thinking: