Update 1.40: report a lot of bugs

Game mode: [Online & Singleplayer]
Problem: [BUGS since UPDATE 1.40]
Region: [FRANCE]

[Since the update 1.40 I have a lot of bugs.
For example, a construction bug northeast of Sepermeru on “Brisefer Ridge”. I have a base here on a server of 20 places and since the update I can not open my doors. Worse if I dismount them to go out, I can not put them back. As a result, I also tried to dismantle the door jamb and the like, impossible to put back in place. My base has become obsolete. Did you hit the buildable area around Sepermeru?
Another bug: The scales, again we can not overlay them, they break when starting or restarting the server.
Another bug: Humans and enslaved animals are feeding at breakneck speed and this is useless since the update has disabled the abandonment and starvation of them.
Another bug: It is now impossible to change the server settings via the game menu even being an administrator which is very annoying to manage a server. This problem also exists for solo play.
I find it scandalous that after 40 updates you are still not knowing how to correct the game base. I suggest you first correct the base game 100% before adding all kinds of often unnecessary DLC. This game attracts by its ability to build, that’s where the game’s success rests. 3/4 of the players make fun of the new dungeons and various bosses. Funcom, you are desperate and above all incompetent, whatever the update, it has always been worse than better! And I have the game since the first day, so I suffered all your mistakes one after the other. I do not congratulate you and start wondering if I will not stop my server on Gportal.]
A French player very very disappointed.

Indeed quite a few bugs were introduced with the patch going live. Here are the patch notes for the PC users, the consoles will get the hotfix as soon as possible as well but it takes longer due to the certification process:

If you still have an issue, which is not addressed here and within the last few topics in the bug section,
I would suggest to submit a report providing as many details as possible (1 issue per report).

I point out that I posted my bug report in the PS4 section, so I do not care about your answer for PCs. Fix your mistakes and quickly! There are tired of your destructive updates. And put the buildable area around Sepermeru as in version 1.39 of the game It is unacceptable not to be able to take full advantage of its base built on the crest of Brisefer !!!
Same for ladders, we must superimpose them, I saturate Funcom and his incompetence!
I paid for this game, I did not wait for the PS + so I want a game that works!

In addition, Narelle, you answer me about a problem that I did not even report. Next time, read better before answering anything!

I am sorry, your report includes multiple issues most of them unclear, which is why I tried to help by giving you multiple answers which were clear and hoping for you to provide more details in a separate topic for the ones you didn’t get an answer for:
Feeding: Thralls and pets bugged after 1.40 update - the issue is being discussed here.
Settings: solved with the upcoming patch but since you are using gportal you can set the settings via their web page and/or the ServerSettings.ini file while waiting for a fix.
Sepermeru building: Building/Placement Errors Since Update. similar to this one, I assume.
The scales: no clue what that is.
The rest is a rant of an angry frenchman.

Pfffff but who are you?

a person who is trying to help you :slight_smile: if i am actively playing the game and i cant understand what you mean, i doubt funcom will. trying to clear things out until a funcom representative arrives and answers the remaining questions :slight_smile:

Help me is correct the game, you know how to do it?

You do not understand that we can not assemble 2 scales since some updates already, it’s simple!

image these are scales

Et ça c’est une échelle … or scale

thank you, now we know what you mean:

So now you know we can not overlay two ladders

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assemble, superimpose, elevate, enlarge… the ladders

yes, understood. now that we have clarified the issues, we need to wait for funcom to reply :slight_smile:

  1. 2 or more ladders connected lose stability on server restart
  2. no building area around sepermeru expanded and affecting existing bases
  3. pets eating all the food
  4. server settings not saved

Nothing ! Update 1.41 not repair the game. My problems are always here ! Funcom you are very bad !

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