Update 1.66 destroyed the Game

The Game after Update is not realy playable. Enemies are invisible but attacks you. You only May Walk slowly. If you Run the Game can freeze and you Need to restart the Game. After the Update there are more Bugs as in Starship Troopers. The time that all Things Spawn ist much longer as before. Thralls, buldings enemies and anything Else. Sometimes i can see the Stars at night. And sometimes not. Sounds and music ist often Missing or to late.


same issues here, normal ps4 official server


I had a purge at my 2nd base last night. It took a full 7 minutes for my base to load in while I was being attacked by invisible apes lol. People sometimes throw around the phrases unplayable and game breaking but in this case it truly is. Absolute mess.

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We had a Purge at the first day after Update. Invisible Rocknoses, first two rounds we got it then nothing, no rocknoses then we waited after 45 minutes we won. I dont know where the lost rocknose was. But the next Purge will be the same. Now we destroyed more as the half our buldings and nothing realy helps. A Game with one of the best Buildingsystem you can´t use it. Its ridiculous!!!

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