Update (01.04.2022) - Dungam joins the fray, and much, much, oh so much more

Seeing this post being pushed to the top…
…nevermind :smiling_face_with_tear:


This is great, thanks Funcom :heart_eyes:

That is a April joke. :wink:


I liked this one too!


I’m starting to think this one wasn’t a joke.

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Not sure if LostBrythunian’s line or not :thinking:


Funny that the bots also react to joke posts :joy: :joy:


better late than never, so thank you :sparkling_heart:
must say that between all these death announcements…
pfiou aller , je ne sais pas pour vous, mais je vais tester l’option barbie girl

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4637.2 hrs played… Hmm getting there :yum:

First off welcome to the Forum. I doubt any one actually has a friend that is a Funcom administrator. Beyond that send a message to Zendesk you can find information in introduction pages

Its a repost via an alt acct. kind of undercuts the lying bit.

Nothing says innocent like respamming the same thing that already got removed once. Really restores his honor

Rest assured, this one is almost certainly a joke.
Sometimes an insightful and topical joke…
With rare moments of even being a funny joke…
But usually just a paternal variety cringe inducing joke.

However this one cannot speak to the legitimacy of the speculation about extension of delay before 3.0

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Hey I just flagged three of the above posts as off-topic in three different threads. Just thought I’d own up to it so @AbuseOfPower2 doesn’t claim there’s some cowardly conspiracy to silence them going on. I just find it annoying to see this huge screed everywhere when they could have just made their own thread.


I’m thinking we should just flag the spammer and move on. The more we talk about it, the more we validate their actions.


when will the live stream start? Is it 12pm in wich time zone?

The date in this post is a calender entry so it’s in the timezone your browser is. Or just click on the date and you will see which timezone it shows to you

… Edit: when I use quotes then the date is just text so here the link to the post :

Bit of thread necro here, but here’s the event link:


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