Update 3.0 Developer Livestream: June 21 @ 11:00 EDT

Have you already written a post for this?

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Yeah, I don’t know how powerful will players become, but if they nerf thralls, solo players less skilled will have a really hard time killing Black Tusk, for instance. It can eat 5k vit thralls for breakfast. We always have to keep in mind that not all players have clans and thralls are the means by which many can complete dungeons alone and kill high vit/high dmg world bosses. Nerf thralls, and a solo player might simply quit killing a Rockslide on Siptah, for instance.
People who ask for thrall nerfing just want to do offline raiding easier, which is slimy to say the least…
I don’t see any reasonable argument to nerf thralls. Want a challenge? Go alone or take a dancer with you.


How does it feel? After all these years of dreaming, debating and literary growing in this game. So many dreams to find place all these years, but most of all “fellow exiles and friends”. I was laughing for 3 minutes when after my greetings…
Mayra, hi Stelagel
Sir bowen, hi Stelagel
@TeleTesselator, you’re late…
I LMAO :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:.
I was trying so much to listen and understand since English is not my native language and my self phone is not so loud (ages go by fast my ears are not so functional :rofl::rofl:). There for I missed a lot from the chat, sorry :pensive:. Hopefully Multi has made the recap, so now I understand perfectly all the stream, God bless him, such a nice and necessary jesture, I thank him from the bottom of my heart, really. My dear @Larathiel, our game is ALIVE AND KICKING, omg, omg, I am so happy my friend, so happy.

@GodsOfExiles… We have written posts for everything here, We, you, me, all of us. Each one can be happy for his own dreams come true or didn’t yet…
Yet they listen, no matter if your post has a million replies or zero.
What they listen is dreams not demands, not toxicity, dreams…
And they make their best to give to these dreams flesh and bones. Conan exiles staff rules :love_you_gesture:


I hope we have so much fun together for many years to come.

I’ll have to read Multi’s recap soon.

This forum is really great, through all the years I’ve been here and through the game, I no longer have depression and can see every day as something positive.



ok now we have sorcery…but that’s just a feature coming a bit late i think. As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing that makes you want to start exploring again. I’m not asking for a new map but a revamping of the Lands of Exile would have been nice (an update of the npc camps, caves, dungeons, new bosses and new challenges). In short disappointed.

There will be new content added with things to do and areas altered for this new content.


Then watch the stream again carefully, because both maps will be revised again to include even more locations.

And I also firmly believe that you haven’t discovered all the places yet.

Just because you’ve uncovered the map doesn’t mean you’ve discovered all the locations.

I’ll give you a hint:


The rabbit shrine or the man-eater rabbit are two clues I give you.

These are not marked as locations on the map.


“Sorcerers will be found in camps, and those camps will be dressed a bit differently with new decorations that weren’t there before. There are also a couple of new caves on both maps, but they won’t say anything more about at this time”
I’m not really convinced. It’s not a few more caves and new decorations in the camps that will be enough. A major overhaul of the Lands of Exile is needed :

  • revamp caves and dungeons,
  • new npc camps,
  • random events,
  • etc
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I don’t know why this message quoted on me :grin:, but we’ll sayed @Enapets, I am looking forward for this experience too.

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I do not know either :sweat_smile:

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Did anyone knows how survival armors and black blood tools will work? Also encuberance armor like serpent boots?


so when they going to give us more info?
kinda hoping to getting a release date

You’ve got some great questions. Keep them coming!

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For encumbrance items, it would make sense to give flat carry capacity similar to vitality - flat hp. For black blood tools unsure, since the stat was removed.

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Watching the stream again there is mention of only a few wizards in the camps and a few caves but it doesn’t say that the Exiles Lands map will be updated (which in my opinion is a big mistake from Funcom ; I think old players need more than sorcery to get back to Conan Exiles).
It’s a shame because I thought the addition of the battlepass and the online shop were good ideas, but it’s only worth investing in if you’re lucky enough to rediscover Exiles Lands map with lots of new things about the camps, dungeons, etc.

It would suck if there would be no new content at all on exiled lands and also that journey step…

But you are aware that the Exiles Land are shown in the video more than Siptah?

So it will probably also exist in the Exiles Land, otherwise it would be pointless to show it in the trailer.

From my point of view there is no reason to discuss it anymore, I just let myself be surprised.
If it isn’t, it doesn’t bother me, I just wait until the server transfer is activated again.


I know of a handful of spots in EL that could be easily turned into new caves to explore . IMHO, It appears that there is growth already established in the EL in form of potential cave spots.


There are true a lot of places. In Siptah there are a lot of little caves or shrines too. Not 2 months ago @sestus2009 send me a photo of a shrine that I never spotted playing the map. It is very possible that the sorcery plan is been worked from the same time Siptah was on the project run. Siptah was just priority. From the very first days, with years of gaming experience, I could see that the game I was playing back then was just the surface of what I was going to see in the future. The funny thing with me is that back then I believed that this game was the vision of “one” creator. This is the only thing that changed through these years, this opinion only. Still, the mind who set this idea up, or minds, is brilliant and this was something that you could see from the very beginning of the game.


I’m still waiting to see what they’re going to put in that cave beneath the Unnamed City walls, the one you can’t go into right now.