Update 3.0 Developer Livestream: June 21 @ 11:00 EDT

Dont you think this will be a bit awful and problematic if you want to raid people and they can always port away into several safe bases with all their stuff and tp home inside the base again? Like maybe you should consider making them one-way only or so you cant port overencumbered or something like that.

Inventory has a limit thou. not just weight.

Not like they can take everything. You destroying there base has its costs to. No Differnt them having a Base built around Map Room and Fort near obelisk.

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Thank you for the awesome stream. I’m looking forward to the update. Every single idea looks awesome!

(except the Battle Pass and the in-game store, I’ve left you my feedback in the other thread)


Or drink a potion and travel on dungeon :wink:. Still my dear @Sera67 this couldn’t happen in Siptah. I believe that @therryy is referring on Siptah and not so much in exile lands that already has lots of workarounds on “escape”. I personally am really happy that I finally have my “teleport stones”, another dream come true today, actually… a lot, but yes teleport on Siptah don’t sound so good for the pvp world.
However, I believe that in this live stream they just scratch a surface of what we are going to see. It is still a project under construction, at least this was very obvious. So first we need to embrace and support this effort, check on test lives and then start more “specific” conversations. Other than that, they always listen the worries of this community and do their best to cover most of the problems. They were very specific that they ain’t going to change anything about the atlantean sword or the twitch drops but they can always do replacements if we want it so badly. This in game store will solve a lot I believe. Now the “small” wishes have future I believe.


Ah, very true.

You can tell I barely touched Siptih. XD


Yeah, demonic portals are structures like any other, so they could be destroyed and losses still incurred. Or you could lay in ambush around the portal since you can’t see very well outside the bubble from within the platform. And yes, as @stelagel mentioned, this means Siptah has access to a form of fast travel.


So all @therryy has to do is build in agility :wink:.
Awesome changes, I just can’t wait.

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I mean i was talking about this with someone else on another thread who raised concerns about people porting away where i also said you have multiple ways on exiled lands to port away but i was expecting that the ports are “limited” and you cant acutally tp backwards into your base because that will change a lot tbh.

Build 4 bases with 4 vaults and ports and you wont care about limited slots in your inventory because its just fast enough to empty your whole base till they even reached a relevant door/gate. Way easier that to use a maproom where you have to walk through unsafe spaces to get to a second base or port to a dugeon and walk to your base.

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I knew you would love it! :smile:

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@AndyB sorry to bother you again, but while you’re still here I have clarification questions:

What is/are the single-use items on the BattlePass?

Is a single-use item called “Soul Remnants” and are they able to be crafted or obtained in the base game?

Is the ability to transmog/enchant the look of weapons and armor separate from the BattlePass single-use items?


This is awesome! Completely new builds to discover. Man, so much fun awaits us! We will take turns playing the evil sorceror! :smiling_imp: :laughing:

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No offense but if people know how to build a base it will take a while till you reach their base and their portal. Ofc you can destroy it but it doesnt matter if they took 5 inventories full of loot already and hid it somewhere. If im building a base in the aqueduct for example and a hidden spot god knows where no one will be able to lay any ambush. My stuff is safe and sound till anyone even sees a portal.

Didn’t get to see the stream - 1am aussie time is rough. But did they mention anything about updates to the exiles map? Anything else discussed not shown in the 6 min trailer?

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You can see the recording, @Decado . I think it’s already avaliable.

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My Bella will no longer use cleansing brew, her corrupted chests will blaze the exile lands. Now corruption is power :grin:

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But you will use the spell to keep her pretty, @stelagel , eh! :laughing:


If short swords go to agility damage your void forge Gladius will be the most vicious weapon in game. I see a lot of players build in agility just for this short sword.

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Agree 100%. One of my all time favourite pre-release releases. Really excellent. Almost made me think that all the game to date has been a prelude to this Conan 1.0 (now completed with sorcery) - since Dennis referred to a real Conan 2.0 when talking about the Unreal 5 queries.

Never in favour for in-game purchaed in any games, but I accepted Dennis and Andy’s justification as is purely by choice - I always felt off about purely DLC wherein you get a set suite.

Well done Funcom Team. Loved the demonstration. Thanks to Nicole for herding the Cats of Chat.
Future gratitude to the Testlive players and, without doubt, to the Mod-Devs who may, in most cases, need huge volumes of food/beverages/meds to cope with new content/core changes/etc.


I’m dying to find out! :grin:


There’ll be some occasional consumable items you get from the battle pass that you can’t get anywhere else and won’t be able to get again (like, for example, a stack of 5 potions that let you use a single specific spell)

Soul Remnants are harvested from thralls you toss onto a sacrificial altar (new buildable with 3.0) and are consumed when corrupting your perks. They are always harvestable as they are a part of the core mechanics of the update. They have an icon similar to a potion you get from first couple pages of the battle pass, but are a brighter green and don’t have a skull in them.

Casting an illusion on an item to change its appearance is also a core mechanic of sorcery and may always be performed as long as you have the required crafting station built, as well as meet the requirements for the process (that is, the item you want the appearance of must be one you know how to craft, and must be of the same type as the weapon you want to apply the appearance to).

There will be special items that can, for example, be earned through the battle pass that can be consumed to grant an appearance without having to eat a weapon or know how to craft it. Those will not be required to access the base feature in any way.