Update 3.0 Developer Livestream: June 21 @ 11:00 EDT

I am very excited to see if update is coming before 3.0! I will be watching the stream vigilantly to confirm what I believe is a tell tail you leaked in the patch notes:

  • Increased Andy’s beard size by 5%.

I just know that if I can confirm this is true, then the rest of the patch notes must also be true, which will make the store in 3.0 that much better with:

  • Followers can now wear Denver Broncos caps in honor of Scott.

I am waiting with bated breath Andy, to see your beard! :kissing_heart:


You forgot the ™. It’s Soon™. Which, in the video games industry, comes a little later than “never”.

Now I wonder if I can paint my model spaceship while watching the stream, or whether my hands will shake too much.


I myself will be watching US news, so my blood pressure will be doubly high.



Thanks a million, I was already following but did not remember :rofl::rofl::rofl:.


I feel something big like a new map or a map extension for the actuals maps :slight_smile:


My body is ready

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I just hope that there are also something for those of us that are more to being barbarians than sorcerers… Sorry, I just don’t share the enthusiasm about 3.0 just yet :slight_smile:


:white_check_mark: coffee

:white_check_mark: cookies

:white_check_mark: excitement

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problem. There are siptah specific challenges.

Oh my :heart_eyes:

Okay, and thanks for the warning Funcom - time to check the checklist:

  • heart-pills;
  • coffee
  • other beverage (possibly alcoholic)
  • tranquillisers
  • more pills
  • snacks
  • more drinks…

Should be enough.

Memo: remember to send special thanks to any Testlive players and to all Modders - and to the Dev- and Art-staff for all their hard work, planning, and in advance for putting up with screams and shouts should patches be needed post eventual release (as with most large, complicated program/system releases)

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Ok, so in short we have a new game system and we keep the maps :slight_smile:
In a way it is good to bring some changes, but it is a little scary.
Big tests to do in single player now, before going back to pvp servers!


So when I made the battle Pass offline in single player and own the battle Pass items. Do I have them online too?


Even if I am not happy what I heard and saw about BP… Thank you for the stream and the informations!

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Time to play now @Marcospt, in 20 I log in :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
AndyB, Spynosaur_Nicole and den, congratulations, fantastic streaming thank you very much :+1:t6:. Still me and @SirBowen beg for an answer, where we can buy merchandise? Is there a link with a store already? Thank you :+1:t6:


It was OK-ish. There was a lot they didn’t talk about… like air transportation, some of the many bugs that currently plague the game, and so on…


Well, if they did that they had to talk on for at least 4 more hours.

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Naah, just give me the link, it’s all I need :rofl::rofl::rofl:. I WANT THE HOODIE DENNIS WAS WEARING…
And a mug…
And some t shirts…
What else do they sell?


Well done and fiercely hosted by Andy and Nicole. Much appreciation to Dennis for so many minutes of his time answering questions. Great work.

Also, Nicole you look amazing, it’s the happiest I’ve seen you on a stream in a great many of them! :purple_heart:


Yeah, I wasn’t talking about the 3.0 update… I was talking about the Stream itself. They covered only about 60% of the new stuff and almost none of any of the existing bugs or inconsistencies…

The 3.0 update itself, yeah… looks good I think.