Update 3.0 Developer Livestream: June 21 @ 11:00 EDT

@AndyB sorry to bother you again, but while you’re still here I have clarification questions:

What is/are the single-use items on the BattlePass?

Is a single-use item called “Soul Remnants” and are they able to be crafted or obtained in the base game?

Is the ability to transmog/enchant the look of weapons and armor separate from the BattlePass single-use items?


No offense but if people know how to build a base it will take a while till you reach their base and their portal. Ofc you can destroy it but it doesnt matter if they took 5 inventories full of loot already and hid it somewhere. If im building a base in the aqueduct for example and a hidden spot god knows where no one will be able to lay any ambush. My stuff is safe and sound till anyone even sees a portal.

Didn’t get to see the stream - 1am aussie time is rough. But did they mention anything about updates to the exiles map? Anything else discussed not shown in the 6 min trailer?

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My Bella will no longer use cleansing brew, her corrupted chests will blaze the exile lands. Now corruption is power :grin:

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If short swords go to agility damage your void forge Gladius will be the most vicious weapon in game. I see a lot of players build in agility just for this short sword.

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Agree 100%. One of my all time favourite pre-release releases. Really excellent. Almost made me think that all the game to date has been a prelude to this Conan 1.0 (now completed with sorcery) - since Dennis referred to a real Conan 2.0 when talking about the Unreal 5 queries.

Never in favour for in-game purchaed in any games, but I accepted Dennis and Andy’s justification as is purely by choice - I always felt off about purely DLC wherein you get a set suite.

Well done Funcom Team. Loved the demonstration. Thanks to Nicole for herding the Cats of Chat.
Future gratitude to the Testlive players and, without doubt, to the Mod-Devs who may, in most cases, need huge volumes of food/beverages/meds to cope with new content/core changes/etc.


There’ll be some occasional consumable items you get from the battle pass that you can’t get anywhere else and won’t be able to get again (like, for example, a stack of 5 potions that let you use a single specific spell)

Soul Remnants are harvested from thralls you toss onto a sacrificial altar (new buildable with 3.0) and are consumed when corrupting your perks. They are always harvestable as they are a part of the core mechanics of the update. They have an icon similar to a potion you get from first couple pages of the battle pass, but are a brighter green and don’t have a skull in them.

Casting an illusion on an item to change its appearance is also a core mechanic of sorcery and may always be performed as long as you have the required crafting station built, as well as meet the requirements for the process (that is, the item you want the appearance of must be one you know how to craft, and must be of the same type as the weapon you want to apply the appearance to).

There will be special items that can, for example, be earned through the battle pass that can be consumed to grant an appearance without having to eat a weapon or know how to craft it. Those will not be required to access the base feature in any way.


Hi team. Just some quick, nice positive feedback for you all. I just watched the Official Trailer, and my-GOD it looks absolutely amazing! I just sat there rivetted and amazed. It looks so fun, and deeply immersive and atmospheric and…dark!! :smiling_imp: :metal: I am so genuinely excited to see more gore and brutality come to this amazing game; ritual sacrifice, undead mounts, twisted and disfigured players & raised peons…!? Oh my I am so IN! Based on what I have seen thus far, I cannot praise you all highly enough at this point.

@Necro paradise awaits us my friend and battle brother! :smiling_imp: :drop_of_blood:


Let’s talk Necromancy. Will the Witch Doctor feat be altered into this school of sorcery or exists separately?

You needed a new monetization system???

I call BS, sorry. You have just adopted the same monetization system that every Chinese corporation eventually introduce to every old online game they buy. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

  • In-Game store
  • In-Game store coin bundles
  • VIP Passes
  • Grinding dailies for rewards

This is the shadow of FunCom bowing out and Tencent taking over operations. Don’t lie to us. Your player base is not stupid. In fact it is a lot more clued up than most game communities I have ever come across with some of the most amazing game modders anywhere. We have seen the same thing happen with countless games over the years. At least show us that little bit of respect and don’t insult our intelligence, please.

This also goes a long way to explain the somewhat controversial survey we were asked to fill out a couple of years ago, doesn’t it? The new paymasters wanted to measure how the playerbase would respond to the game being turned into another run-of-the-mill micro transaction cash cow. I think I’m pretty close to the mark here.


You know… I am always fighting red mama to her plateau and gaining a ton of corruption. Somehow it was seeming wrong this corruption not to give me extra strength!!!
First time I ever played the game I didn’t knew the word “encumbrance”, so I started giving points to strength to be able to lift more but nothing happened, so I started reading the “perks” of each attribute to learn what I must focus on and I learned about encumbrance…
Still it looked silly to me that strength was not related to lifting :man_shrugging:. I believe we are on a good path here.


Funny. In mod world we have had portals for years now :wink:


I know sorcery is the big draw here, but the updates to the building system are the most exciting for me.

Also because it was mentioned, I would play the hell out of a dinosaur map but I would also nitpick every single dinosaur model into the ground.

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Feedback question: How will this grinding for passes work on private, heavily modded servers? It’s worth noting that some servers have totally changed the game system. Some have thrown out levelling altogether, some have selectable profession systems that allocate feats according to the chosen lifestyle rather than by levelling have mods that limit harvesting to only those that have the suitable profession. Have you really taken the mod community fully into account with this scheme and I mean in particular the roleplaying community or will you, like every other developer that gets dragged down the far-east monetization model, abandon them and toss them by the wayside?

Hi @AndyB , the two things I noticed missing from the stream were air-travel and existing bugs & inconsistencies.

All I heard about air travel was that arrows will knock you off. Are the bat-kites similar to mounts in that you own and share them among other clan members? Can you call them if they’re not following you or are they a follower? How far can they fly you? How does stamina play into it if at all? Any other info you might feel is important?

On the bugs & inconsistencies you know the threads and comments better than I; any major bugs squashed? I can think of player clip accuracy for example: There are hundreds of places on both maps (and especially in the EL Jungle), where players, NPCs, and followers can and partially fall through the map. And in general I know from the large commercial projects (games and applications) that I’ve been involved with as a dev or artist that bugs are numbered and tracked. Is there a rough number of bug fixes you can give us? Any other info you might feel is important in this area?

Thanks. And thank you for the stream, you guys are fun to watch and it looks like you’d all be a bunch of fun in the workplace daily too.


Again, being the pvp realist here, non 9f thisbis designed to improve pvp (raid). I mean ice bridges, flying mount, and reduced hp on a building tactic. And nothing about offline protection. Offlining gets easier and easier every update.

That said, the pve 3.0 update does look amazing, and great job on that FC.


3.0 coming to console right this mean its going to be for Xbox one and ps4 to?

Yes. They stated that their goal was a mutual release (everyone gets it at the same time). The only caveat is unless there’s some unforeseen delay. But the goal is everyone gets it.

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Good stream Funcom. I’m interested to see the attribute overhaul, though i didn’t see any comment or question about sigils which also provide additional special attribute. Any comment about it @AndyB ?

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I like most everything, with a few complaints.

I am not big into sacrificing. I was really glad when the thrall cages came out so we could rescue thralls.

I will miss the small amount of twinking we could do with the removal of stats from armor pieces. (We can no longer twink for perks via armor).

I hope that in regards to the Battle Pass, you simply allow older BP’s to still be active after you create a new one. Players can then choose to continue grinding for those rewards after, or instead of the current BP’s as long as they are paying for the current BP. No need to cut people off from “cosmetics”. Literally, one of the main draws to your game IS it’s cosmetics. To cut people off from that is, well, that’s bad.

This is a pretty game, we will all want that pretty table, that pretty chair, that pretty everything. Taking anything pretty away from us is worse than being mangled by a bear.