Update 3.0 Developer Livestream: June 21 @ 11:00 EDT


1- What about the claim spam rules and portals? I think every one will want to place their portals every where and it will requires a claim, how would it be treated? Build a stair or an elevator not ok buy scatter your portals across de map is ok? Or hit and run through a portal which you decide if is public or not and your enemy cant run toards you. Really would like more clarification on portals system.

2- No more attributes on armors and weapons and survial and emcumberance attributes? We will still be able to do an encumberance build? And farm twice as fast like with the third surival perk?

3-Reset attribute requires no more potion?

I think the update is great, and a lot of fun to come, but i would like to understand some of the changes to save me some time, when it arraive.


Felt really strange that a community manager spent 80% of the time talking and the lead designer didn’t really talk.

Could see a lot of the times he wanted to talk but couldn’t. A few times he had to jump in and correct incorrect information.

Let the guy actually designing the game speak next time lmao

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dark light sources, darkness radium, wow i would pay for this


Aussie here as well, I just finished watching the playback of the stream and while they say that there wont be any major changes to the maps, they did say there will be a few more hidden caves to discover on both maps but didn’t want to go into any further detail on that.


Let the blood flow and screams of agony ring in our ears my brother! The altar beckons and we will heed it’s dark call. To hell with the gods! We will commune with demon kind soon and reap the powers not for the glory of some silent deities but for OURSELVES!!!

My excitement is obviously at interdimensional levels HAHAHAAAAAAA!!!
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I have to say that I was a bit wary and skeptical when I first read that there would be a battlepass and I was also concerned about sorcery but this stream has put a lot of that concern to rest.

Sorcery really does look very interesting and in line with what I would expect from something out of a Conan story.

I am still a little concerned about micro-transactions adding a lot of visual changes that will break the immersion and also with the hang-gliding around on bat demons. Hopefully hang-gliding on bat demons and riding undead mounts is not going to be a common-place thing but something that requires a lot of preparation and grind to pull off.

I am really excited to see the new savage system for attributes and traits, it sounds very promising. Seeing a split between strength and agility weapons is something I’m especially looking forward to seeing.

Horse lances getting new mechanics and also seeing thralls like Teimos get readjusted is a welcome change, hopefully we will see some variation in thralls and pets in the future.

Overall I’m really looking forward to 3.0. I think it’s going to be great and I’ll gladly support the Conan Exiles team by paying for a battlepass if they provide us with quality content like they have in the past.


Hey this looks great! I do have a few questions from here though.

  1. Now that sorcery is coming, will you be completing the “main story” quest of the game? It seems like a pretty good time to do so if you ever do.

  2. Are character transfers coming back? With the battle pass and the bazaar it seems like a great time to re-implement the idea. It would be cool to work on one character between servers rather than have to start from scratch every time you join a new server.

This update looks great! I’m excited to see where this is going. If you fine tune this to where it runs as efficient as Fortnite or other games Conan will be a top game for sure.

My parting advice/hopes:

  • if you spent your time building your one character and that was who you played as on all servers, the level grinding would be much more satisfying. If you had a special inventory section of gear you held onto outside of the game world in similar fashion to Escape from Tarkov, or youre unlocked inventory to start the game with like Fortnite that would work nicely and prevent body vaulting. Then Battle Passes would really work well in getting that edge.

  • If the story is finished then playing offline/co-op with friends would be a great way to learn the world and lore as well as level up for the PvP realm. Again with a limited inventory and your one and only character ("re customizable of course ) I feel like this game would appeal to literally everyone.

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I cannot believe it…
I was thinking today on the way back home that it’s been some time my favorite carpenter and priests have some time to show up. @Larathiel was yesterday in the chat and I didn’t have the chance to say hi. More or less the other team is visible here oftenly hopefully.
So you cannot understand my joy when I saw in my notifications that @Mikey replied, I say omg cool.
And then…
Post deleted by author…
Come on @Mikey spit it out, even if it’s hi, all good for me…
More or less, miss you m8, nice to see you around :+1:t6:.


I decided I wanted to watch the entire stream and collect my thoughts along the way - I still have 90 minutes or so to go :wink:


I don’t care what you wrote, I’m glad to see your mug so I even hearted the deleted one!


Sigh, are you trying to lure me back in? Wait, of course you are. Well, mission accomplished. Dagnabbit.

Initial thoughts from the ten-minute trailer…
Armor cosmetics! Yeeeeeash. Finally! This solves SO MUCH. It’s probably been my number one pet peeve.

New building system. Gamepads? Meh. But as long as it’s still good with mouse/keyboard…

BattlePass… okay. Sounds fair enough. A lot really depends on specific implementation, but I’ll keep an open mind here.

Actual stream:

Kudos for sticking to the promise of not making Sorcery a DLC. I respect that a lot.

Cosmetics only for the store. Good, absolutely the right choice there.

Challenges - alright. Still not sure how I feel about all that, but it doesn’t sound like it’s too onerous.

Illusions. Aka cosmetics for armor & weapons… I just can’t. This is so awesome, we’ve asked for this for literal years. Just amazing. The limitations seem more than reasonable.

BattlePass - this will virtually guarantee I’ll lose out on parts of it. While my inner completionist absolutely hates this, I guess that makes trading relevant. Really not sure here, “conflicted” is perhaps the best I can say.

Sounds like sorcery is going to take the right path, no flinging fire & lightning.

Reagents for sorcery. Okay, alright. Sounds right in principle, I wonder how annoying it’ll be in practice.

Moddability remains high. Cool. We all love mods & modders right!

Ice Bridge looks awesome.

New Perks and Attribute system - well it was due for a revamp. Probably means my beloved “unlimited carry” option is gone though. Oh well!

Derived Stats instead of Attributes on Armor - good call. Streamlines things.

Streamlining of weapons - good call.

Corrupted Attributes. Sounds super cool!

Construction Hammer eh? V-A-L-H-EIM! But it’s a good system, so it makes sense. (been indulging my inner Viking lately).

Creative Mode. Okay, cool. Sounds interesting for a habitual builder like yours truly.

Revivable Thralls / followers. Okay, good.

Artisan Tables. Yeah getting rid of those would be a-okay with me, so I hope that’s the route it goes.

Getting rid of foundation-breaking grass: Nice!

Lance/Mounted combat. No opinion on the PVP aspect as I will never be a PVP’er. But thematically, getting hit with a couched lance absolutely should eff you up!

T2 buildings being actually useful? Yeah I can only support that. 80% of the health for 50% of the cost of T3 (or whatever ratios) sounds good.

Stability as a Server Setting / modifier? Seriously cool.

Optimizations. Always welcome, of course.

Upgrade to UE5? Yeah no, didn’t think so. Unfortunately. The blessing AND curse of being a developer myself is knowing how massively difficult that would be.

Exiles 2? Is not an IF but a WHEN? Woah!

Atlantean Sword and Royal Armor - my precious! Especially now with Illusions. Can I say again that I love that? Yeah.

Two-seater mounts? No thanks, really. Not against it just don’t see the value personally. So good call to leave that out.

No enslaving players? Duh.

No ships? Aw. But I understand why, I really do.

No servers wipe? Well at this point in time I’m completely uncaring, but knowing how much my then-active self would’ve hated it: Good call.

An evil thing that makes you a vile human for participating it? Sounds like PVP. Zing!

Saddle Dyes? Wasn’t that already added to the to-do list back when I was active?? Oh well!

Crom Coins… yeah always disliked this intermittent currency thing. I’m sure the MX guru suggested that and for good reason because it works, but blurgh.

Hairyness slider? “It’s the dwarves that go swimmin’, with little hairy wimmen…”

PVE part of PVP servers being faster/easier? Sure, just don’t balance the whole game around PVP rates, please!

Nothing about AI/Civilization/CityLife… aw. Greedy, given the absolute cornucopia of new stuff? Absolutely. There’s no such thing as “enough” is there!
ILLUSIONS for armor/weapons. Yes Again. Hell yeah! Just had to say that one more time.


Will this be on consoles also or just PC?

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Yes. This will be on consoles and PC.


Andy, Dennis and Nicole,

Thanks for the stream! I didn’t have a chance to join it yesterday but watched it later at night.

Looks great, can’t wait!


Another question. About the grass bleed through fix. Does that also affect planters popping their foliage through ceiling tiles? I have a camouflage technique that requires planter plants to pop through building mats and will this fix affect my camouflage?

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I am really questioning one thing on this update. Teleporters. What actual use is incorporating teleporters when all it takes to get a decay ban, or flat out have all of your clans properties blown up, is having more than one modest base?

Modest as determined by some one who hasn’t actually defined a build ruleset, only a set of things which you shouldn’t do.

I would love to have outposts seperate from my main base, but in that same breath I don’t want to have to rebuild from scratch because someone simply decided to trollport my base to have it blown up.

Some clarification on these matters from someone would be greatly appreciated.


i agree on this 100 % i have seen people banned for having a map room in some obelisk for convenience.
nowadays almost everything is considered a claim abuse. its insane the state of the rules right now.

@AndyB Can anyone comment on if there will be additional ‘places of interest’ around the map that will affect bases already established?

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Sirs you are causing a lot of trouble telling people in the new update their will be no restrictions and Build Big cities But yet you are Wiping peoples accounts for just that ?
Please Explain your thought Process or are you trying to make a world of war craft clone?
If you Want To Make A New Game Make A new game
I am A long time player With More than one account Now you are telling me one thing and doing another

poor Planning


They did mention that this will all work on offline game and private servers which I am looking forward to. Very aware the rules on official servers are sketchy hopefully I am not breaking some as I type guess we will find out.