Update 34 (Part 2: Electric Boogaloo) – Pet System (PC)


Hi Jens. I’m out of the office this week and not been able to play conan since the last two updates, however I’d like to report that my server has crashed at least twice per day since part 1 and part 2 updates. I’ve not been able to investigate why yet, cant until the weekend, but just wanted to get the feedback out there.


Would make us all laugh I’m sure :slight_smile:


Archers are losing their melee weapon (daggers in this case) sometimes after using it, and switching to bows again.


I did place the gold-vein rocknose at the top, and let it eat some stone. After i took it out again later, i see that the decay timer has gone down at the exact amount it was in there for.


An actual list with issues you are aware of and their status would take away a lot of confusion. What is so difficult in making one?


I’m compiling a list of Thralls that are spawning and ones that are not. Ones that are not, I’ll submit bug reports on and the fixes if I can determine the problem. I’ll make the list public once its done.