Update 41 - Server browser not populating and "character lost" issues - Feedback thread

Just google server number,easy to do.

@ MythraRed If you use Windows 7, your complaint should go to Microsoft. It’s not supported any more.

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If he is scouting, he may be stuck in a foundation. You can rescue him. He will drop all gear but the gear should appear on the ground.

La connexion via le port de requête est impossible en connexion directe.
Certains peuvent se connecter via le port de jeu en connexion directe, mais ils arrivent sur la page “création du personnage”.


January 14, 2020

This 10-year period has now ended, and Microsoft has discontinued Windows 7 support so that we can focus our investment on supporting newer technologies and great new experiences. The specific end of support day for Windows 7 was January 14, 2020.Jan 14, 2020

EOL Announcement

As mentioned in this thread, my live client has not downloaded this patch as far as I know, yet my server list does not populate. As previously stated here, I am using the testlive client and the live client with beta enabled. I think this issue is independent of the client patch.

Game requirement from the Steam page:

Windows 7 64 Bit/ Windows 8 64 Bit/ Windows 10 64 Bit


The problem is not the OS. The problem is in the game.


Then you should be able to direct connect to your server.

and when will the problem be solved? i still don’t see any server and it’s been 5 hours since the update

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This was what I had to do as well. Thankfully I don’t have any clan members to be pissed at me if i just let it all lapse and walk away from this game and FUncom. Consistency IS KEY.

This is also what I experience.

When I attempt to use direct connect, it bugs out. In the IP & port text box, it is misrepresenting numbers as ‘dot / period [.]’ character or as a space. When I enter characters into the password text box, nothing appears.

I just validated my install files and now in the IP & port text box, the number or dot characters are being replaced with other numbers from the sequence. It’s very strange. The password text box seems to be working though.

Yes! I looked into battlemetrics too, to look for my server ID. In the battlemetrics, the server was shown as offline, but I wanted to try anyway because everything that is going on is so weird. I then tryid the direct connect and it worked. But as soon as I logged in and the daily message popped in the screen, the game crashed and I had to finished through the task manager.

Hello everyone,

I was able to get into the Official server #1942 and all is well with the base, thralls, etc… for my login using direct connect. (see info below)

In case you are looking for the direct IP for Official server info
I found the #1942 info on https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/conanexiles/

Do a search for your Official server # and hopefully, the info will be available.

Hope the Funcom / Conan Official admins don’t mind this info post…

Good Luck… DragonzTeeth~

Official Server #1942 PvE Conflict

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server infos:

Nom: Barbarian’s Wonderland
Information de Connection:
Query Info:
RCON Info:

I managed to connect to the server via direct connexion with IP and port, but i had to recreate a character in order to play, which i diddn’t…


880454836.pak PIPPI (Server management)
2050780234.pak Barbarian barber (+ de cheveux et barbes)
1159180273.pak Fashionist (appliquer un skin d’armure)
1369802940.pak Emberlight (Contenu et du craft)
1367404881.pak Savage steel (Contenu et du craft)
1934607107.pak Dudes delightful decorations (Contenu et du craft)
1966733568.pak Immersive armor (+ de Vetements)
933782986.pak ExilesExtreme (Contenu et du craft)
1502970736.pak Sexy silent legion armor (Armure sexy)
1206493209.pak Sexiles (Interactions 18+)
1326031593.pak Thrall war dungeon (Contenu et fonctions)
1369743238.pak LBPR (Less building placement restrictions)
1629644846.pak Kerozards paragon Leveling (Niveau 300)
897947497.pak WYSIWYG wheel of pain (Vrais esclaves sur la roue)
1185321962.pak LTs Compass (Minimap)
1273419074.pak Swift elevator (Monte-charge +rapide)
1453301901.pak T4 thralls (Spawn + d’Esclaves nommés)
2097107339.pak Glory of combat (Rework léger des combats)
1396310739.pak Stacksize + (Piles de 10 000 materiaux)
864199675.pak Pickup+ (Recuperer les esclaves placés)

Please fix soon…

im getting a lot of servers with ??? for ping. Including 1517 that I play on and cant log in.

After downloading Update 41, my server listing is populated. There are other issues, but likely off topic for this thread.

HAHA xD For a first post in this forum, this is pretty legendary xD.



That’s not what “Windows 7 support” means. Microsoft’s support for Windows 7 never covered problems in third-party software that weren’t somehow caused by Windows 7 updates.

In fact, the EOL announcement means that you will get no more updates for Windows 7 from Microsoft, which means that if you use Windows 7 you can be reasonably certain that this problem was not caused by Microsoft.