Update 41 - Server browser not populating and "character lost" issues - Feedback thread

They log by direct connect.Im play couple hours on official completely alone

Still cannot join - Says Ping is too high - which it is not !


New user cant upload image. But im seeing two of the same server name on Official Server

For those that have ping listed as ???, direct connection works for me.

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Use Direct Connection - for 1035 the IP & Port is


The ??? ping is fixed. two new errors upon joining official server (yes i have restarted the game a few times
Failed to join requested game.

Could not connect to the server. “Join Session” failed. If this continues to happen try restarting the game.

Our server works only via DIRECT CONNET for People. We have had one player login and had to recreate. DB shows character wasn’t associated properly with his account in the account table.

We are up and running BUT Steam says server is not responding, Battlemetrics as well. I’ve confirmed all ports in firewall are open (as nothing changed). via direct connect via Steam Servers List or steam connect steam://connect/

13 HOURS and counting. With all due respect, if you can’t fix it in a timely way - Roll it back please

At least yall can log in -_-

A new update to PC is being pushed out. This will fix several of the connection issues with server pings appearing as “???”, as well as the speed at which the servers populate on the server browser screen. Investigation to missing characters is underway


I see many servers are available now, but not mine. Official Server 1750 PVE,

This happened to me a half year ago or so, server just disappeared, hope it doesn’t happen again, that was annoying as hell.

I know it’s asking a lot, but do you have any predictions?

Worked for me but fyi it’s shows two versions of the same official server I’m on. I just picked the one without the question marks.

Well, maybe not. My Favorites didn’t list the server. A search of Official servers found it. The Steam “+connect” line did not work though.

Alsi, I was dead when the game started, no way that should have happened.

Missing characters seems to be linked with connecting to the game with your new IDs vs connecting with steam IDs as some players pointed out on steam.

To my surprise I got on the server and didn’t have to recreate the character

Server is now showing TWICE and one has ???

Steam Servers list still does NOT show the server. Steam Connect FAILS still.

I just joined, another player joined and everything was normal.
No screen to recreate character

is it possible, that the servers cant connect to Steam? Maybe thats why the servers cant connect the ID´s to the players und just let them have a new char instead? But then the question is: why some connect to Steam and others dont…