Update 41 - Server browser not populating and "character lost" issues - Feedback thread

If you do not want to see, keep losing your characters creating one after another and after another starting from the beginning every time a guy comes and erases you, pass on my comments anyway they will not change anything and continue to maintain education as you do It is useless so much level of English if you speak like braggarts

but you know that currently ALL players have problems with missing characters, right? it’s not only your server. all servers have problems since the latest game update and funcom is currently fixing the issue. that’s not a hack or cheaters, it’s an issue introduced with the latest game patch. your char is still in the game.db but the connection to your current login id is broken.

I’m not sure it’s because of the updates when i started playing about half a month ago they weren’t getting updates and one of my lvl 60 characters disappeared after my bases were attacked

anyway nothings clear i had to reinstall the game and do steam checks after updates to be able to connect so my saved game files were also deleted i dont know

and your lies what i do anyway nothings clear and you lie you know youre right youre wrong and you know everything

@Ignasi did you really want the last 2-3 very strange and disturbing comments in this topic?

@XanTsun are you okay? your last comment is a little disturbing. oh and you should stop to open multiple post with the exact same disturbing content (There are unknown people who delete your characters and interrupt your internet connection to the game.It is not the fault of the updates bet my life!)

Maybe also learn how to press the period key too!
Doesn’t even matter if English isn’t your first language, they all use … , we all need to breath at some point.

@Testerle it is a song: http://www.songlyrics.com/ill-nino/unreal-lyrics/

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FYI, When I type in the search box for a server, it remembers what I typed last and repeats, no matter what key on my keyboard I press. I have tested my keyboard elsewhere, like HERE and it works perfectly fine. So, there is some error within the search bar itself. IF someone else has already report this, my apologies for the repeat.

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ok, so it is only strange and less disturbing but still a bit disturbing… :crazy_face:


They don’t want to erase anything. This is why we have 2 hotfixes already a bunch of workarounds posted. The information is there for all of us.

We can’t help people who don’t want to be helped :woman_shrugging:

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I don’t mean to narelle I’m talking about those who erased my character.Do you know them? why you say they don`t want to erase anything if they did?

Yes, I know them. Here is proof that they didn’t want characters to be lost due to the error in the update:

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Ehhh I fixed my own save. Private servers dont seem helped by their fix so far. luckily i dont have many characters to fix should my friends care to join me.

in the end, whatever happened to the characters, my things were never found and they would not be touched

@Kimuriel The fix worked for the bugged player on our private server but yeah I read that many other servers are still having an issue.

I understand that mate. I never said I don’t understand what happened.
I’m saying the only reason you here because it happened to YOU.
Will I see a comment from you asking for a refund for players if the situation will be the other way. Other words, you raided someone who wasn’t on the server.
Not to mention, how would the enemy know the reason you being offline??
So now on we should send a message to someone who is offline “excus me mate, are you offline because you can’t connect or you just busy, I’m outside of your base, would love to raid you”
Come on bro.

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My server is still NOT fixed. :confused:

I did not mean to attack bases the most i got was a vase, defending my base seemed fairer than destroying other people’s time but I could never prepare all the defenses no matter brother it is only a game and they cannot touch my things,the site is very hidden I lost the player but my things will not touch them they will be lost over the same as if I stopped wasting my time

they only can find 1 fake base far from the real one