Update: a tearful farewell

After many long nights, many hours prepping and cleaning, we’ve finally done it! We moved into our new house today, and I couldn’t be happier. Monday I get my internet back, and just in time before my base decays. I’ve worked so hard on both my real life and the exiled lands In the hopes everything would come together. All I have to do is suffer another long work weekend and I’ll be back fighting elephants and that stupid white tiger!


UPDATE: So it looks like I won’t be on in time to save my base. The last year I’ve spent building it with my fiance has been fun, but it seems it just isnt in the cards for us to continue to enjoy it all. I’m truly devastated and heartbroken that all our efforts have been in vain. With my fiance’s health at the front of prioroities as of now, (she has Crohn’s disease) getting her treatment to work to the point of remission is the most important thi g in the world to me. She spent countless hours in between hospital stays and doctor’s visits with me to continue our work together on such a sweet little project. I know reaching out to the devs is kinda silly and I’m sure there’s nothing they can do personally to help us, so If you’d like one last look at something that truly meant a lot to two hard working lovebirds, feel free to advebture to PS4 OFFICIAL SERVER 3735 and go to grid H8 in the highlands and look for the buildings owned by “The Fighting Moo”. You’ll be warmly greeted by an open wildlife reserve, with a distillery to enjoy libations and such. There’s a restaurant on site, though truth be told our resident chef can’t cook worth a sh*t. There’s a wonderful lake nearby and a lookout that let’s you view the splendor of the desert and part of the Savannah. I’m sure not too many people will read this, but for those of you who have, I thank you for listening to my tale, and wish you safe travels in the exiled lands and beyond. It has been quite a journey, though all journeys have a final destination. Here’s to you, my fellow exiles!

You should see if a friend can log in with your character to refresh things. I understand completely how much it sucks to lose your builds, especially when you have to work hard balancing life and don’t have much time to spend in game. Best wishes for your girlfriends health and treatment.


Share wifi from phone? even if it’s bad internet it should be good enough to just log in and refresh the timer

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Calling any generous PS4 barbarian out there who could drop onto the server for a quick task! Server 3735 – I am not able to join due to ping or I’d do it myself.

Thank you all for the replies! I really appreciate the support of the Conan community you guys are awesome. I have until This Thursday evening before the decay happens. I’m doing my best to contact my friends In the server, but in not sure how reliable anyone will be so any help is greatly appreciated. The internet guy isn’t coming until the 14th so I need help prepping my base until at least the 15th and I’ll be back on and ready to go!

I wish I could but everyone’s WiFi is locked around me and the signals are all bad. I live in the mountains so it’s kinda weird up here

ahve sombody destroy one building block, that resets teh timer.

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Holy crap it actually worked!!! I was able to log in and save my base! Thank you so much I would have never thought of doing this best 5$ I’ve ever spent in my life! I can’t begin to express my gratitude!


YET ANOTHER UPDATE: I tried the mobile hotspot tethering on my phone and it worked! I was able to reset my timer so my base is safe for another week! Thank you all so much for coming together to try and help me. My fiance is gonna be thrilled that our base is safe. I cried when I told her we might not be able to save it last night and she was pretty upset about it as well.I can’t begin to thank you all enough for the tips and offers and everything. To see that real people actually care makes me so happy to be a part of this kickass community. I truly don’t deserve such wonderful treatment, but I’m forever grateful to each and every one of you for what you’ve done. If you still wanna check it out go and take a peek! I am blessed to know all of you care. Thank you so much!


We do care, and thank you for following up! :smiley: Hope you and your wife-to-be continue to prosper in your new home.


Thank you so much for the offer, you are truly a kind person. I figured before I asked for anymore help I’d try the hotspot thing and it worked. We’re always looking for others to play with so if you decide you wanna join our server we have room for another. Plenty of stuff to kit you out with and now we move forward in confidence knowing our base is truly safe!

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Thank you brother, it means a lot to the both of us. I can’t wait to get on and continue expanding and creating something special with the love of my life!


Im glad a solution could be found. This is exactly why I have remained a part of the community for so long, it is filled with goodwill and descent individuals. Help your fiance return to health, then both of you come on back @Filthyfirefly.

I hope she makes a full and speedy recovery. All the best friend.


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