Update and bugs and suggestions

I can’t seem to find the info anywhere so il just as here. the new content out, I believe it’s out on pc, when will console get it? The water dungeon and undead thralls.

Secondly, a list of bugs to report.
Most will be a repeat from a few other post but hopefully the message gets across.
The purge isnt working right. Event log says it’s happening but ain’t nothing happening.

Next we have sometimes waking up with a bloody screen upon logging in. What’s up with that?

Also things seem to be decaying when they shouldn’t be.

Please fix the lag with online combat. The delay that teleports you back into an enemies attack after you dodged it. Ppl say get an ssd or whatever the name is, but I think that falls on you to fix not us. Please I get consoles are limited in comparison to pc hardware however if you won’t optimize your game for console then why even bother with a console version?

oh sometimes chest have nothing in them. Like a glitch not just that they’ve been looted. Like chest out in the world. In npc camps.

Ok now a few suggestions.
you guys made pve servers so I think pve should have more focus. Like a pve server should have a different feel. Not like an entire different game but I feel pvp bleeds Into pve too much. For pve servers we shouldn’t be as limited as we are. Like we should be able to max out 3 or 4 attributes and have the rest half way. I feel this would help against world bosses. Or just in general. Mainly I just want to be able to carry more. Feels brutal weak to me for pve. So hell if I can just get like 1k carry weight for pve il be happy.

Next would be an alliance system for clans. Or just like a friend system. So those marked as allies can use each others stuff if they wish to share. Like say we wanted to share workstations or put like a public fridge with food for others. Idk I just don’t feel enough incentive to work together with others. Also multiple drops per person for bosses killed or something? Give us a reason to work together.
Also a permission system for chest chest and such. So that way you don’t have to worry about a new clan mate destroying or stealing everything if they’re an aszhole.

I believe with a better focus on pve this game would get even more people.
Hope this doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

Pc live doesn’t have the water dungeon / undead thralls update yet … it’s still only on the test live server.

Please report the issues and make these suggestions more elaborate and post them individually on the bug and suggestions subforums. Otherwise, reply to the mentioned threads.

See also: How to be a pro PS4 bug hunter

Guess I posted in the wrong section. Oh well. I tried lol. I can’t be any more elaborate btw as I don’t know the cause of the bugs. My post was multi topic so I wasn’t sure where to put everything.

Thanks. Much appreciated.

When is the admin menu going to be fixed?

A new problem? Thought they fixed it? I was able to fly around and stuff. By the way you might wanna Make your own topic I don’t think this one will get any traction for anything sadly.

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