Update BUG is FIXED Mountaineer

Game mode: [Online | ]
Problem: [Bug ]
Region: Mountainteer]

I took a fragment to the mountainteer and died while climbing down. NOTE without reading scroll and time got back to body the body was gone. I can not get a copy of scroll even with another fragment as the mountainteer shows that selection complete and non accessable.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Pay fragment to moutainteer
  2. do not read scroll fall and die
  3. wait for body to time out and vanish
  4. Take another fragment to mountainteer and option is complete non selectable, so can’t buy again and get another scroll.
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Hello @VRprogrammer, welcome to the forums!

You should be able to purchase the recipe without any limit, as long as you have a Fragment of Power to give in exchange. Are you able to provide a recording or screenshots of this issue?

As you’re playing Online, could you check if the issue persists after the daily server restart?

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Do we need to bring a Fragment of Power up there now, in order to get the 2 craftable items?

I did not know this and was about to climb Fingerfang without them.

Yes to get the next level, it requires you give a fragment in return for the next level skill. as select that center buy/trade and after do it goes gray. for me its gray and why can’t buy again but will do the hike tonight to see if can again. as always have a few fragments ready for use…

I made the tour the last weeks around 25 times because the climbing is pur fun :slight_smile:
If you know the tour, you can climb up without grit only with absolute base clothing (what I do in case I fall down to minimize loss)
I can buy the enhanced mountaineer as often as I want as long as I have fragments.
I hope there is nothing screwed up with your gaming data.


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