Update error has latest Version

Keep getting the same error about every 20 mins. Playing online ps4. It will say to update the app but, when I go to update the app it says the latest version is already installed. This is getting very Annoying! Dont do this with any other game I play, only Conan Exiles. Can someone please help me with this. Error code (CE-34878-0)

Happening to me after the new HUGE update. I keep getting CE-34878-0 error. I have check updates for both my PS4 and the game, both up today and I have deleted and reinstalled the game thinking it might have been a corrupted download but still does the same thing. Last crash I was just trying to make bombs, crashed 5 times in a row.

@frostyballz6918 @CascaRufioLonginus which server region are you playing on?

Several different servers, all in America regions

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