Update made animal lures useless

I noticed at first bosses popped back to their spawn after about 150 ft trying to lure it to eat a bunch of bugged thralls. I later tested this on regular creatures, specifically a regular rhino, they eventually slowly turn and teleport back to spawn with max health too at about 150 ft. Hyenas, rocknoses, crocodiles, huminoids and wolves seem to follow forever still. Not sure why this was added besides trolls luring animal with greater health to attack other players or their base which isnt really a problem besides bosses.

We used to lure dragon bosses from Unnamed city, to play dragon riding hide-n-seek inside theme parks on a noob river. What a shame to a true sandbox rule it will be, if now it is impossible.

But on the other hand it is possible to build almost everywhere as much game’s engine permits. Huraa.

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Build spaces seem to become more restricted the longer this game ages. Bosses seem to be immortal now for me at least due to a bug with the added boss spawn restrictor. After being teleported back to their spawn after a few times they become completely invulnerable even with the server restart, I noticed a few hyenas did this too and cant be killed.

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