Update on the way of using the Corrals

Update on the way of using the corrals.
I think we should be able to put the Animals back in the Corral after using them to protect the Base.
And we could also use the Corral, to Breed the Animals.
Just put a Male and a Female.
It’s not at all Functional to have to keep catching Puppies scattered around the Map.
Or having to Buy Eggs from Traders.
It’s strange that some Animals have Male and Female.
But there are others, who seem not to have the Male and the Female.
For example, the Sand Reaper and Scorpions, have a Male and a Female.
But we don’t have for example, a Lion and a Lioness.
Or a Horse and a Mare. A Tiger and a Tigress.
I think this brings more Realism and Ease to the Game.
In the Corral, the Animals are in a more Relaxed Position.
More Natural.
And in a more Appropriate Place.
Once We Get Them Out Of The Corral, We Can’t Put Them Back.
This is very bad.

I beg to differ, I have mares and studs. I can tell because some have huge huevos and some have none. . . lol.


Wow, I swear I didn’t notice.
But it’s weird.
Because when we go close to the Animal, It’s Not the Right Name.
“Horse” or “Mare”.
And thinking in the Post, it’s strange that in the corral, we don’t have the option of putting a Mare and a Horse to raise a Foal.