Update Personal Details

I’ve been away from the game for over 10 years and have changed my phone number since playing the game. After re-installing the game it asks me to verify my account by method of SMS. The website then gives me a link to update my phone number, but when I click the link there is no place to update that information.

I would love to return to this game and play, but if the website no longer has a method to update my phone number, then I will never be Able to verify my account.

Please help :frowning:

You can try asking for help here, and then wait a few months for a response:

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Which website are you using to access your account?
The old one or the new one?

The new one would be account.ageofconan.com
The old one would be register.ageofconan.com

You may be able to update your phone number on the old site if the new one is not working and vice versa