Update Report Please


I’m assuming that most of your team are back to work today. Welcome back :slight_smile:

I appreciate there is a lot to be done, a lot of feedback to assess and that fixes will take some time to write and test, but please could we have an official statement on the mess of the game and the plans/timescales to resolve the more pressing issues?

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You bet, we are already on the case but we need all the info sorted and confirmed before we can get back to communication. A few key people here and there are still off for today so we are working on collecting all necessary info.

No worries, we got you guys and girls covered :slight_smile:


You can sort out the info… OR you can have people in your company playing/testing and finding out the mess for themselves… Sorry for being so salty… WB, I hope your batteries are charged cause you will need it :slight_smile:

@Skinny issues aren’t always able to be reproduced in their environment. Not when there’s not enough info, nor if there is when the cause remains unclear.