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Hi !
I have a reflexion about pay DLC of conan exile. I have buy all of them but if I compare them together I can sadly conclude that not all are egal. The Pictish and the Yamatai DLC are crualy poor by contents. The boths are missing of culturals decoraritives objects. The goal of DLC is to build a unique structure based on a specific culture. You can do that with the aquilonian, Khitai or Argoss DLC, but not completly with Pict and Yamatai, because no decorative object inside them. For exemple Yamatai could have japanese futon for bed, or support for samourail armor or katana, or small banzai, or specific carpet. I think that this DLC (and why not the others) could be increased with mini update to add some decoratives objets time to time. With DLC we have enough armors and building part (maybe for Yamatai door could be sliding), but not enough decorative objects to give enough cultural ambiance to our buildings (specificly with Pictish and Yamatai).
If I remember the team work on the DLC is not the same that the main dev team. If right, this team could be add some items when they time and have nice idea, as a free updade for DLC owner. It could be great for the value of the all DLC.

PS : I know there are Mods to complete the missing of the game, but I think it could be better if the main game could cover a lot of basic stuff.

Hey there,

See Downloadable Content on the wiki for explanation on content difference.

It is unlikely current DLC will receive updates, as the current content replaces other content - this is also visible in their feature lists on Steam.- Updating current DLCs would mean adding both the ‘old features’ to newer DLCs and the ‘new features’ to older DLCs. This could cause the DLCs to be valued at a higher price, possibly increasing their effective price on the store (The team needs to get paid after all.).

Just fyi, DLCs will usually follow a theme, but are not focused on one specific feature. They include a range of features.
I understand you wish to create fully decorated buildings in all DLC (equal immersion in the building aspect). The developers have decided to instead aim for relatively equal immersion in general because of the reasons listed in the provided link.

These DLCs aren’t in an Early Access state and -afaik- no updates are planned for them.
However, as updates are made to the base game, future DLCs may receive this content again (although I can’t say how this would balance out if some of both is added).

Try to list and elaborate on more decorations etc. you’d like to see (and optionally name some games below which provide free updates to DLC if you want, but this may result in missing discussion of the core suggestion; decoration etc.).
Developers will consider this thread regardless.

As for more armors, weapons etc. it might be possible to an extent, keeping in mind the overall balance of content and possibility of increased pricing (this would mean very few additions probably, but just give your take on it if you want).

Eles não se preocupam com o desejo das pessoas… E como sabem que o PC tem mod… ai menos se importam com o pessoal dos consoles… Eu acho muito escarço a quantidade de itens por DLC, realmente você tem razão… tem que por mais itens, nem dá para realmente criar algo que mostre a cultura…
eles falam (Eles incluem uma variedade de recursos.) mas não tem lá essa variedade, se tiver 15 itens contando com os 3 set de armaduras por DLC é muito. Eu acho que no mínimo deveriam ser adicionado modificações para itens básicos já existente… pois não faz sentido manter antigos em construções de DLC por exemplo

  • armários seguindo o padrão da DLC específica
  • baús seguindo o padrão da DLC específica
  • elevador seguindo o padrão da DLC específica
  • cama seguindo o padrão da DLC específica
  • mesas de trabalho seguindo o padrão da DLC específica
  • fogão seguindo o padrão da DLC específica

entre outras coisas. pois manter as básicas não combina com as estruturas novas.

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