Update, what is it for?

What is the 23.8 megabyte update for o.o? I don’t see anything. 9/18/21

There was a performance issue for many players that they were issuing this hotfix for.

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oh :confused: was it lag related? I had some lag issues on isle of siptah for a couple days

Wasn’t really lag, but it caused effects similar to lag (freezing, stuttering, slow loading of textures, etc.). It got worse the more stuff you built. Happened on single player too.


This is the biggest game in most peoples steam library and it is literally just a broken piece of garbage. These massive updates clearly arnt helping. I mean 100 Gigs of garbage? seems silly to me.

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I dont think this game is garbage or broken :(. I love this game even with its flaws. It seems the issues only occur with pvp servers and people exploiting things because they can. And in another thread i said pvp servers bring out the worse in people. Don’t blame the game blame the player.

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