UPDATE: Where is our PC Patch? (Current TestLive Build to Live Servers)

Update (

Exiles, we have the patch ready and it is happening!

We will patch to PC today (Saturday 2nd of March 2019) at 1pm CET (7am EST). The US servers will be updated a bit later, as some of our US Servers are having issues. GPortal is on the case.

The DevKit will be available one hour prior to this and patch notes are already available here.

Previous updates:

Update (22.02.2019):

We know you are very excited and anxious about the next PC patch, but unfortunately we’ve once again had to make the decision to move the release of the patch. We are still struggling with some unresolved issues that needs to be addressed before the patch goes live.

We’re mainly struggling with issues related to the building system. One issue would cause building pieces to disappear, which would result in lost crafting materials and time spent. A second issue would render buildings invisible alltogether.

Admittedly, our patching estimates also needs improvements.

Our current target is early next week and we hope we have more positive news then.

Once again we would like to thank you all for your support and patience, especially our TestLive players who helped us find these issues.

Hello Exiles,

Instead of updating my previous post about the schedule and plans for PC, Consoles and TestLive Patches, I wanted to make a separate post about the deployment of the current TestLive Changes to PC Live all of you have been waiting for.

We made an active decision to not be vague with our estimates (ie - “it’s ready when it’s ready” or “soon”) and instead let you know which target days we had in mind and felt relatively confident in hitting. Unfortunately we did run into several issues while doing final checks on the different builds that we thought would be ready for deploying for all of you sooner.

Thanks to our community members on TestLive we found issues with the building system that we needed to address (those were the delays from last week). We have now addressed most of them but there are a few more we want to make sure we have properly tackled before releasing this patch to PC.

We were truly hoping to be able to release it today but we simply don’t want to release with these issues even though it seems it would only happen in certain specific situations.

So, there is unfortunately one more delay and we are working on fixing these last hiccups which are linked to the building system.

It looks pretty good for us to release the patch this week however.

The whole team is working hard and we understand that it’s frustrating to wait but we hope that you understand that we want to keep you as informed as possible, even if it means to have to own up to our own delays and short comings :slight_smile:

Thank you so very much for your understanding and for being part of our community.