Updated: Cereal Land - 5x Harvest/10x XP (50slot) (Modded)


The server is still brand new

Server IP:

Going to keep it short and simple. This server is more like the official servers but tiny changes to make it solo friendly. This server is brand new. No discord as of yet.

  • NPCs take little less damage and deal a bit more

  • Stamina Cost reduce a little

  • harvest increase to 5

  • XP increase to 10

  • Crafting speed slightly increase

  • idle hunger and thirst has been lowered a bit

*Raid time - 1500 to 2300 (8 hours)

*PVP 24/7

  • clan size 12

3. Pickup+

Everything else is default like the official. Zero admin interference unless rules are being broken…

Server Code: Top 3

  1. No bullying, sexism, racism, homophobia and other hate speech.
  2. Do not spam foundations and other building materials.

Have fun :slight_smile: