[Updated] Sound stutter and game freeze at Hammon's Cabin


I left mine for around 20 minutes. But when the cutscene “ended” it just looped back to the beginning.

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if you let us know ho we can enable logging we can gather some more information’s for you that might help to isolate the problem faster . :slight_smile:


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Intel® Core™ i7-3820 CPU 3.6GHz 3.60GHz
Geforce GTX 980Ti

My game is freezing between loading screens. 4 freezes so far.

Once on initial launch after starting a new game. Initial loading screen just froze.
Once going between first zone to second zone AFTER the cutscene.
Once after leaving the ark
Now going from Hammon’s cabin to the next zone. Game loaded in with character idle animations, and just before I hit a button the game froze and crashed.

The freezes stop all sounds, and the game closes out on it’s own after 20-60 seconds of waiting. Drivers were all updated after first crash. Wanted to make sure we know that it’s not just an AMD issue.


same problem here
FX- 8350
nvidia 1070
16 gig ram
win 10


i don’t know if this has been already mentioned but this ‘feature’ or bug did not exist for me prior to the “New Critical and Balance Fixes incoming [3.12.2018]” patch. i played through hammon’s cabin twice before the patch then like all previous posts it just stops or slowly halts. as well and likewise i am also using an amd fx-8350 cpu.


Any updates or word on if this is fixed yet or at least an ETA on a fix?

Considering refunding the game if I can’t play it.


a TEMPORARY FIX perchance

I found a possible work around. the directx library XAudio2_7.dll in the windows\system32\ directory seems to be causing the problem. i renamed it. and the game ran fine, i did turn off all audio. when i picked up the papers the cut-scene ran ok without any halting and it played through.


We think we have solved the issue
Testing now!!


Thank you very much. I’ve been anxious to continue my playthrough but it becomes too frustrating for me having to deal w the stuttering in the inventory and such. Issues like these are to be expected playing games so soon after launch especially on older hardware like mine so I am not really upset. Mostly just thankful you all seem to be so quick on the draw and transparent about everything. Nice work


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEE TELL ME ITS TRUE!!! I’ve been waiting to play this foreverrrr.


Thanks for fixing it quite fast, but i do still sometimes get that stuttering (that leads to the game freezing) occasionally. hopefully that can be fixed permanently soon too :smiley:


I did this and it worked out right here for me so far. 1h playing now without problems!
Thanks DeadHost.
P.S.: But what is left is without dialogue. Balloons appear, but we do not hear or see caption.


You will send some msg when u solved it?¿


yes, we are making good progress, but the issue is not solved completely - we are making a build now that might have solved it. Its an issue with between the CPU and UE4 to do with how the sound is processed (hence the stuttering)


So excited to have the game, now stuck and weeping…


Mutations freeze for me was solved by updating to beta AMD gpu drives.
Cabin is still an issue though…


OK, we seem to have it solved. Testing a last candidate to make sure there aren’t any adverse effects, expect a patch within a couple of hours!


Thanks for all the hard work guys, cant wait to play!


Youre doing a great job helping us Beh3moth! Send thanks to the team.