[Updated] Sound stutter and game freeze at Hammon's Cabin



Установил Beta и все исправилось!!


This was posted on the steam forum.

For those who have freezing/crashing issues / Possible fix / Nvidia GPU

Hey peeps

I was one of the ones who suddenly had constant lockups, random places, im running i7 6700k, 1070 16gb ram and had the latest nvidia driver, after some searching and troubleshooting i tried rolling the driver back to the previous one 417.01 and voila…game isnt crashing anymore

Hope this helps some of you <3



Beta working good for me! Thanks!

Crashing almost continously

A branch fix seriously? As you read i got past the cabin in the woods with a small work around. That amd_test branch isnt going to fix the over all issue. Dont get me wrong its nice a small fix was done up for the cabin hurray for that, however the same issue still persist randomly. I will shout hurray when that happens.


the test branch fixed the cabin freeze but now overall performance got cut in half. was getting a steady 60 fps now cant even hit 30


GM’s where is the solution to the problems? I still can not play and can not ask for a refund because of the weather!


Did you fix it yet ?


Seems like AMD 8+++ series is the issue.

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