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This made me laugh

Unrestricted PvP time
No structural damage, no avatars

even more than this

Female friendly & open to all

Anyways best of luck with your server

Regarding specific server settings :

“Unrestricted PvP time” = Time-Restrict PvP : Off
“No structural damage” = Can Damage Player Owned Structures : Off
“No avatars” = Disable Avatars : On

“Female friendly & open to all” refers to our policy of inclusivity, not a policy of anything-goes. We keep chat civil, we discourage profanity or hostility, and we don’t tolerate inappropriate reference to minority groups. Our players seem to feel this is admirable, rather than laughable.

Thank you for your best wishes, and enjoy the Exiled Lands.


Great server, thanks Dani & Jess!

Stays true to itself, and there’s a ton of helpful info on discord.


Thanks M, glad you love it as much as we do!