Updates on thrall limit effective date?

So when will the thrall limit go into effect and will we still have a grace period after we are able to view all thralls placed within our clan limits before violations are deleted?


If you head over to the TestLive forum, you can see the update currently being tested which includes (indeed, focuses on) the Thrall Management stuff:

While this doesn’t say anything about when the limit will be activated as such, it will be some time after this update rolls out to Live servers only - Funcom said as much a while back, ie that they wouldn’t activate the limit without first giving us the tools we needed (specifically a counter).

I assume from the tag you’re on PS4, so you can’t use the TestLive product yourself (unfortunately), but the post I linked has lots of info at least.


We’ve mentioned in the past that we’d like to introduce some QoL and general improvements to the follower system before enabling the cap. The first batch of those improvements, focusing on quality of life additions, has just been released on Testlive where we plan to have it for a few weeks until both us and the community feel the patch is ready for prime time.
It probably won’t be until the second batch of improvements is released when we’ll enable the cap on official servers. Before that, however, we will give ample warning about the upcoming change.


I hope thrall limits on official PVE servers are re-evaluated. Places are ghost towns with the idea of 100 cap for a full 10 person clan. What gives being so stingy? ARK allows 500 per clan. Our official Exile PVE server has at most 20 -25 people on it at any particular time during peak after horses released. That has been cut in half due to all the lag and bugs introduced with the last patch. There were 6 whole people on last Saturday at noon.

Really? You can’t do better than 100 active thralls for a max member guild? That is pretty lame Funcom.

Personally I think it’s great that they are both giving us an effective thrall management tool before the cap goes live and are using testlive to work out the kinks beforehand, these are exactly the kind of things that were at the top of the concerns list when the limit was first revealed. As a console player I can’t help test, but I hope that every PC player that is on these forums screaming about how updates always break more than they fix is spending some time to test this patch before it rolls out, though I doubt that is likely the case.

I don’t see what the big rush is to get the limit anyway, smart players have already prepared for it and anyone still sitting around with a few thousand thralls is going to have just as much work to do if they turn it in tomorrow vs ten months from now.

I am hoping for an increase of like 50 or so more thralls per clan, but since they’ve made the wise move of rolling out the leveling system first they’ve made me hate that so much more than the actual cap, to the point where I shudder at the potential thought of leveling another hundred thralls.

Either way they are much smarter to start low and increase the cap rather than try to bump it up before any data is collected on the results of a cap and have to cut it down lower, which would then mean culling thralls that we spent time leveling.

If you aren’t sure where you stand on numbers, count. A hundred isn’t that many to keep track of and if you take off your shoes you can split them into 5 groups to keep track of pretty easily.


Thousands is a bit of a stretch but an active pve clan with each person having a base makes 100 total thralls just isn’t enough. Period.


I agree with wayzar

Then, maybe each person shouldn’t have their own base. Just sayin’

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So it’s been a few weeks now since the test patch went live… Any updates?

Yes. The livestream today announced that the testlive patch will go out to all platforms on May 7.

News on thrall limits will come after the May 7 update.

The new DLC will also be released on May 7.

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Yeah I saw it but still doesn’t say the amount each clan will have

Originally it was 55 or so per clan +5 per member, but it sounds like with some of the new AI updates that the number will be adjusted (apparently some of the AI adjustments improves server responses, so maybe more thralls per clan/person). No promises, but it sounds like they’re doing more testing before making any announcements.

Hey there,

As announced in the livestream, we’ll let you all know in advance of when and how this cap will be activated in official servers.
We’ll proceed to close this thread as it’s been necro’d a few times.