Upgrade-able Thralls

Introduce thrall leveling.

Introduce thrall learning.

Introduce thrall study table.

Thrall Leveling - Tier 1 thrall after (x) number of hours/actions becomes a tier 2 thrall.

Thrall Learning - Tier 4 named Performer thrall does only one dance. Introduce system so he can learn additional dances/recipes.

Study Table - Tier 4 thrall is placed in study table.

Tier 4 thrall studies and learns additional recipes/actions.


Tier 4 thrall is consumed to create a (knowledge-template) that can be applied to the appropriate thrall, resulting in that thrall acquiring the consumed thralls recipes/dances.

This would create an little bit of an end-game loop for players. Allowing players to “harvest” knowledge templates for trade, and creating an additional reason to continue capturing thralls.

This could help with “thrall waste” and could lead to the creation of more helpful thralls, an extremely valuable asset.

This is not for dancing blacksmiths. This is so a Performer can learn all dances and be less bland. And so a blacksmith can learn all recipes (once you acquire all the required thralls/templates.)

If this were to be combined with thrall stations gaining levels. And expanded on to allow for (limited gains) in stats with time and experience. It could add a fun and deeply involving aspect to the game.

I would love to be able to teach my blacksmith/armor more recipes. My dancer more dances. My bearer might be able to learn to carry weight more efficiently. Fighters might makes small gains to their stats as they hone their skills.

This provides a good chance to add mild customization options to thralls.

Think “Red Hair Template” from a consumed thrall.

Hair and skin color changes, armor, jewelry.

If you get real fancy, options like pose/peg leg/voice lines could be rare/special event/holiday/purge related.

Funcom go wild with it. Regardless, it’s just a concept.

Have nice day.


Check the FunCom update stream for some of the things coming regarding thralls, creatures and NPCs. From what you list though, it sounds like you are looking at stuff available via MODs like PIPPI, etc.

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