Upgrading base and lost tons of materials!

I was upgrading my exterior walls from nemedian to black ice. When I went back inside, some of crafting benches and storage units were gone!

I had THOUSANDS of bars of hardened steel, and thousands of hardened brick in one lost storage bin!

Is this something that can be traced and recovered? That was over a week worth of collecting and crafting!

I am so bummed right now…

Unfortunately, the only way to recover from those losses in another week of collecting and crafting. Funcom doesn’t return lost items.

If this is a private server, you could try to convince the server admin to compensate for your losses, and on Single-Player you can simply admin-spawn the stuff yourself.


? Last time i checked nemedian is tier 3 like black ice :man_shrugging:.

Event log!

In single player- admin panel
In private servers - your admin
In official servers - forget them!

I am sorry fellow exile, s…t happens, it shouldn’t but it does. I am really sorry, welcome to the club.

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