Upgrading Building Constructions

This may already be in the works. And we’ve already seen some additions. However, I’d love to see more upgrades being made to already existing pieces from the Bazaar. Interior walls, chimneys, double doors, ect.

Having a nice Stormglass Cathedral is fantastic. Having one made out of Flotsam or Sandstone, and seeing it upgrade into Stormglass, or even Black Ice, would be even more so.

I’d just like to see what’s already been made spread across the rest of the sets. Personally, I tend to upgrade to the next tier. Not create anew.

Much Thanks.


Double doors (2x2) is probably one of the most desired features ever. They definitely should add this.


DLC style drawbridges for the love of Set.


And less ugly elevators. Build a shiny Turanian palace, and then install an elevator that looks like it’s built out of a long-abandoned outhouse.

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