Upgrading triangle ceilings & foundation snap bug

  1. when upgrading wedge ceilings, there is a random chance the ceiling orients to opposite way, upgrades, loses stability because it is illegally placed (triangle cant fit the other way) and disappears.
    At best, it is not supporting other pieces and you lose a ceiling. At worst, it is structural and you are left crying.
  2. if i am near any building piece, yet wish to place a foundation or pillar at a distance, it will insist on snapping to an existing piece. This has always been nice when you are snapping to something close by, but now it is making building very hard. I cant build scaffolding pieces on cliffs to build from better vantage points. I have to waste many more pieces setting up a connected scaffold. If the snap distance has been increased, please reconsider.

The key bug is the triangle ceiling misorientation. That can be devestating and i have seen it happen maybe 10 times in 100 pieces, 1 of which was supporting chests of loot. :frowning:

As a workaround, for anyone not wanting this to happen, upgrade your triangles from the underside. It hasnt happened to me from underneath, and if it were going to happen the glow animation is obvious from the underside, as opposed to being barely noticable from the top.

I was upgrading sandstone to stormglass, in case that is relevant.

Hey @Tez

Thanks for the heads-up, it’s been relayed to our team so they can look into it.

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