Upgrading wall pieces: two walls in one

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I had some glitches when doing some upgrading from t2 to t3 walls in my base yesterday (after the patch). Ocasionally, when I placed either a frontier wall or a reinforced stone wall where an existing stonebrick wall was, the stonebrick wall was not dismantled and both walls stood in the same place.


This one happens to be by a stairs but it also happens just as often with no other structures beside it. I was able to dismantle the stonebrick wall, sometimes I had to go to the other side of the wall so that I didn’t dismantle the t3 wall.

I have had this issue before the patch as well. Just letting you know it’s still an issue. :slight_smile:


I have to eat my words, I did some more upgrading and it looks like this issue does happen more often when the wall is beside a stair.

Still, that’s good insight to have. I have been able to replicate a similiar situation when wedges are in between two pillars. Perhaps there’s a connection there.

Edit: So I’ve found a repeatable test case, but it’s only under certain circumstances.

Place a foundation, with stairs leading up like you have in your screenshot. Then use specifically tier 2 to place on the side of the stairs, and try to upgrade to specifically tier 3, like in your screenshot. Then they overlap. If you go from tier 1 to tier 2, it upgrades correctly.

Same thing with the wedge scenario, I had to use specifically tier 1 sandstone, with specifically tier 3 black ice to get the overlap error to occur. If I used tier 1 sandstone with tier 3 brick, the upgrade went correctly. Screenshots for reference.

Obviously not a testlive only bug since I’m in the dev kit, but showing that I can repeat the bug.



Double walls and stuff happens especially when you change side, placing one wall from inside, the other from outside.
It’s a bug going on over longer time, but appeared more frequently again with last patches.

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Note: on current live, official pve server, not testlive -
I’ve seen this bug when upgrading from sandstone to tier 2 stonebrick items - walls, fences, fence foundations attached to foundations, square foundations and ceiling tiles.
I’ve seen this bug when upgrading from sandstone to tier 3 reinforced stone ceiling tiles.
I’ve not upgraded from sandstone to other tiers that much to be able to say it’s not happening there. I’ve not upgraded from the tier 2 stonebrick or insulated wood to tier 3 that much to be able to say it’s not happening there either.

I usually try to match orientation obviously for walls and fences. I usually try to match orientation for the ceiling tiles as well as the undersides have the support beams visible from underneath and I want the same orientation underneath. Foundations I didn’t bother trying to match orientations.

Usually I can tell that the upgrade hasn’t replaced the sandstone as I don’t see the sandstone explosion graphic …when that is absent I double check if the bug has occurred. About half the time I can target the sandstone piece that has failed to be removed and demolish it leaving the t2 or t3 in place. The other half I can’t manuveur to get the sandstone to appear on the interface menu and end up having to destroy the t2/t3 item and try again. Sometimes the bug occurs again and again on the same piece I’m trying to replace and I end up having to destroy the sandstone and place the t2/t3 directly.

Quite frankly to reproduce it, QA just has to do a lot of building in sandstone and then upgrade to another tier … and they will eventually come across the bug… it’s very random…

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Hmmm… I wouldn’t call it “random”. I’ve got tired of this bug in SP - not Testlive but live - upgrading from sandstone to both Aquilonian and Yamatai (I just didn’t upgrade to Khitan and Frontier stuff yet). I use to build some cheap walls first to protect myself from animals and upgrade them later on. Sometimes I even managed to destroy stonebrick leaving T3 in place. When I destroyed T3 then I could upgrade the second stonebrick to T3 ok. By the way I didn’t use any mod changing placement restrictions at the time.

Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue (even in Live) and our team will look into it.
Thanks for your feedback.


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