Upset with the new thrall leveling system

Few things I’m upset with. My Frigga Flasehope. Her game file is Exile_Fighter_4_Nordheimer. The gamepedia has her data wrong. She a Nordheimer not a K u s h i t e. I’m upset my first perk on her was a junk perk. Her strength higher than her accuracy. A minus three strength and plus five accuracy is junk to her.

Also upset if thralls killed an enemy near base they get Zero experience. This makes purges worthless to offline players. World bosses can tear up unlevel thralls. Even T4 thralls. I lost two Frigga Flasehopes in flawless epic hyperborean slaver armors with flawless star metal warhammers.

Upset can’t have more than thrall/pet following me in offline mode. Remember devs offline= 1 player only. I don’t have 9 players with me. So my thrall leveling is 1 at a time.

Devs your censor is censoring one of your races.

For PC there is a mod for that!

Not all T4 thralls are created equal. Top tier t4 thralls are relic hunters or from the volcano with varying degrees of toughness between other factions. Exile faction is the base faction and lowest in the totem pole for stats. Looks like Frigga isn’t an heir to the north like you would expect, just an exile. My Featherstep bearer is so much weaker than T3 bearers of other factions. So being named doesn’t mean much anymore.

I agree about negative perks being supremely frustrating.

T4 thralls are slowest to break will. Thralls getting zero exp for kills if they aren’t your follower makes no sense. This extra grinds adds to the power of Larger clans. Larger clans are already OP. This allows smaller clans to lose power. Easier raiding is what this is.

Alpha clans will abuse this power.

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I feel your pain. I think this new system was brought in way too late…it should have been from official release or shortly after. Now it’s just a pain in the backside.

@Dysco7 Frigga Flasehope May seem weak to you,but her resident to debuffs is high. Her Survival growth is 100%. Her level 0 hp is 2000+. I forget it’s full number. For an Exile T4 she your best choice for an Nordheimer Fighter. Frigga Flasehope isn’t a hier to the north. With flawless epic hyperborean Armor and flawless starmetel and lv 13 Frigga I beat the witch queen. My Frigga agility also help. Your T4 thralls has only one 100%. The rest is random.

The problem is Minus from one area to give an additional plus 2 to 3 to another area. Also no passive thrall exp gain or thralls gaining exp from killing enemies near my base. This is why in off single player mode I should be able to travel with 19 thralls. I consider Each player worth two thralls. Reality Each player worth ten T4 thralls. The max party limit is 10 players with 10 thralls. One thrall following each player. This is why in offline single player mode I need 19 thralls. I lack party members. Nine thralls to replace each player and Nine thralls that follow each player. My thrall following me is why it is 19.

I seriously only get ACC with any thrall i level…havent seen otherwise. Maybe im just really unlucky.

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