URGENT BUGS - Still not fixed 1 Year after

Hello there,

i rejoined the game now after 1 Year just to find out some Bugs are still there and not fixed…

  • Can’t loot Corpse when respawning in same chunk (you die in near of your bed and respawn, you won’t be able to loot your corpse cause you can’t see it , but mates will be able to do so)
  • It’s very difficult to see your friends in Fights due to the small Render Distance of the Name Tags(atleast for friends , this should be way higher, but there are also times where you ally with someone and he is not friend tagged, so it gets even more confusing to fight)

Not really a Bug bit more a problem:
Loading of Bases can occur very slowly(you stand in front of a wall , climb onto , fall down due to spikes, but you haven’t seen the spikes, cause they were not loaded) , the algorithm for this should be fixed and at first load ALL NEAR objects instead of “randomly” one after another)

Im just a player like you however those issues are on their radar check Trello board someone has link in the many post here the last one is on testlive to fix the slow rendering hope this info helps.

Hey @kill2die

Thanks for your feedback. As @Azzend pointed out, we deployed a huge patch on Testlive that aims to speed up load times on user-made structures. You can check it out here:

Regarding the corpse issue, we’re aware of it and it’s up in our Trello board for our community to vote on it as a priority issue.
We have also received suggestions from our community to increase the distance and visibility of friendly tags and our team is aware of it.

Thanks again for your report :slight_smile:

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