Urgent Groupfinder Utility Update Needed before PvE Raids Start Dying

Greetings. The title sounds a bit extreme i know but i just realised Crom PvE Raids and the Environment remind me of a Bad Period. Some Fury Players may remember it.

It was when any option to Group PvE on that Server Started dying out and as soon as the first Wave started leaving it became a quick Storm of players leaving for Crom. Its always quiet before the Storm and it comes without any Warning and then you are left hopeless dealing with the Flood.

Before the Winter Event i recommend a small utility update for Group Finder i know the Development team can pull off and Save PvE Raids.
Don’t mind the people saying no dont add Raids in Groupfinder. The cost is too High. Add them. Just not Groufinder Mandatory. But Optional.

  • You check the Groupfinder and you click on the Instance you wish to do. You see ‘‘How many and which Classes are queued’’ That’s it. We Saved the Raids that way.

Some Details:

Here is why. I come online every day sometimes i stay more than 30 minutes but not always the same Time Zone. If i want to check for a Raid i can certainly check my Guilds Discord Server so its ok for me but we dont Raid often and there are not always many people Online.
Also there could be a few more Raids going on during that time and therefore impossible for some Raids to fill. The Average player will check for a Raid and then leave within the Hour if nothing is going on.
Myself included. Alot of the bigger Guilds who do host them usually inform when they have already 17+ Guild Members so you have to be the luckiest person to find a spot.
The Average player who does that daily loses the Motivation to log in and forgets about it.

The Solution:

With that small utility you can always keep track of what’s going on. If you use the Chat and ask ‘‘Hey any Raids going on’’ most of the time you wont get an answer at all. I never did and i definitely not going to Spam the chat and beg for a Raid. As for myself propably i could host T1 but thats my limit and i dont have experience.

So its very important we have the option and can keep track of how many are queued and which classes. PUG will still be an option anyway. Everyone will find a Raid that way everytime as long as there are people online.
Otherwise and i will make that prediction ‘‘This Year’’ is going to be Sad. Very sad.

Thank you.

It seems you are looking for a system that tracks what pug-raids are currently open. I dont really see the point. Raids that need to fill are already spamming global?

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I know. But if you ask the majority or even New People most of the time they wait for it but it never happens within that period they are online. The only exception i can think off is EU Peak but that lasts only for 3 hours or so and there are still not many Raids so thats less spots.

I mean the best i ever saw was 4 forming. One was a T1 another was a T2 with 14+ Guild Members that was asking for a few to fill. There was a 2nd T2 but from a Guild full and they just need 3-4 people. There was a T4 and it was similar. Ok. Luxury for Big Guilds who need just a few people. Unless Damiel’s is hosting a Raid i don’t see many people getting a chance to Raid and most of the time you wont manage to get a spot.
Its also unlikely you will find a Spot with Spartans or BLR or even Meathooks. Maybe Order of the Silver Dragon but you still have to be lucky. Sometimes they do have quite a few spots.
I am personally in VSS and i am not leaving the Guild just to get into the Big ones.

  • Thats just a handfull of Guilds with dedicated Raid leaders and a dedicated Raiding force. What about the rest of the people in the Server? The Majority? They rarely raid. Ask them.

Also we rely on someone to form a Raid and Command it. Most not only can’t but even the ones who can don’t want to because it feels like a Hassle of responsibility. Most wouldn’t even bother to form a PUG and wait for it to fill.

But the biggest problem is knowing if people are available or would consider joining and what classes.
The Chat is not the best place for that. There is also so many people who dont even watch chat or miss chat messages. I remember somebody asking ‘‘Hey everyone. Anyone for T1 Sweep’’ and he got like 3 responses and a few tells. They teamed up and started with LFM T1 etc etc
He was spamming it for half an hour until they gave up.

Its also a matter of Popularity/ Reputation wether you are going to fill so the Big Guilds have bigger chances but then again how many spots will be available.

The queue method completely eliminates all these problems but adds the problem ‘‘Wait an hope people are queued’’ There is no way to track who is available for what. There needs to be either the implementation of such a System or Updating the current one to show ‘‘Who is Queued and what class he is’’

I believe Funcom realised the Issue and thats why they wanted to add Groupfinder in the first place only that for some reason it introduced bugs and they forgot to add a method where we can track who is available for what and signed where. I don’t know how to explain it but in many other MMOs ther are such systems and they work flawless. You don’t have to wait. Just open up the tool and see whats up and sign.

I doubt they forgot. The current group finder is an extension of the older raid finder, that also didn’t have a way to track what classes/roles are signed and it has been in the game for 5-6 years now, but should’ve been a feature from the start for sure.

While adding a way to sign up for normal raids and to just have them pop would definitely streamline the process, I truly doubt funcom will invest dev time (aka money) into this game anymore. Bad return on investment.

Funcom won’t touch that game unless it’s to disable a feature like transfers instead of fixing it.

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This guy gets it

Now that i think of it.
I think the option to track if people are queued is already there. Minigames for example do give a number. What it needs for Raids is a Pannel where it shows you a list with the Name/ Class/ Role (DPS/ Healer/ Tank) that way you can also see who is the leader. Even without any Names or Details it would Help alot as long as you can see Roles and Numbers at least.

PUG Raids and Guild Raids will still be a thing and i believe more succesfull especially because they form a dedicated and coordinated force.

Just a thought:

The Tool could also function in a way that allows a certain limit of a certain Class to be queued depending on Tier and Instance so for example you woudn’t end up with more than 2-3 Conquerors for example. The Tool would automatically show you the Next Available Raid Queue forming. Though i have no idea how possible this detail would be. Sounds a bit complicated honestly.
If possible though it would even balance Groups in Minigames once and for all.

But the rest of the functions are there i think. They just need to be ‘‘Glued’’ together.

It would also help to keep the more Casual Players/ Customers who are the biggest Supporters in terms of Item Store Transactions because of their numbers. There are alot of things that could fully update the Game and advertise it to be revived but i wont cover them here.

It seems easier to just make your own raid and then try to pug it out in global. Unless you’re thinking that the raids would be just like the dumbed down level that raid finder is now. I don’t know if anyone actually has any fun playing a raid of that quality, I think most people just do it to get loot and don’t enjoy it at all. Going into an actual (not dumbed down) raid with no raid leader would be tough. If funcom were at all interested in retaining players or generating new ones a better way would just be to release a new raid tier, but sadly I don’t think this is the case at all.