Urgent Need to Raise decay time on Fences Important

due to recent events that have been going on for past 3 months, tribes have been able to block resources on offical pve servers. They have blocked oblesks and posted signs over and over in order to get people to leave and quit the game.

Nothing has been done by devs or funcom in regards to this. It has taken players time and a great deal of energy to remove signs that have been posted and now with decay glitch waiting weeks and weeks does nothing and with the raised decay time they have more time to cause grief.

People join offical pve for all sorts of reasons but one thing in common is if we wanted to fight other tribes etc we would go to pvp. Its not our job or time to figure out these issues for funcom.

In order to stop blocking oblesks we need the decay rate for fences raise quite abit. This stops people from posting signs in someones area and same time does not block resources. We have a huge problem with people doing things beyond what a troll would normally do. Fences can stop alot of this until something is done. People wont have to worry about signs being stuck on there lands, resources blocked etc but same time I ask the devs to remove the tribes causing huge grief and what they are blocking. Mean time raise fences as they have a 1 hour decay rate thank you. If someone has a tribe posting wrongful and meanful signs then please let me know.

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