US 1742 PvP Crashes Each Night


Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [ Performance]
Region: [US]
The past few nights the server has crashed anywhere between 12am - 2am EST. I’m not sure if it comes back online before server restart or not. Unfortunately this means I’m going to lose all my inventory and armor again tomorrow to the temperature bug.

EDIT: So I didn’t die to the temp bug thankfully, however, it’s only 8pm EST and the server is down again today. I reported it through the below link, I’m just looking forward for when everyone is off of vacation lol.

EDIT 2: Ouch, down at 1pm EST today :’(

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Play on US 1742 late at night
2.Get kicked from server
4.Restart over and over through the tears.


Use the Official Server Reporting tool located here:


Ty for the link, I went ahead and did that