(US)Age of Barbarians PvE-C (3x Harvest/XP)

  • Promotes Fair gameplay and activity Between PVP/PVE-C Playstyles
  • 3 Times EXP and 3x Gather .
  • Dynamic Base Damage Enabled (No Offline Raid Damage can happen!)
  • Avatars are Disabled.
  • Intermediate Purge Difficulty.
  • Standard Official Rules relating to Building/Blocking Resources and locations and walling areas off.
  • Thrall Damage to Players are halved!

(US)Age of Barbarians PvE-C (3x Harvest/XP) building restrictions & Player Behavior Rules (Based on Offical Rules)

Be a fun Barbarian! Server promotes healthy PVP AND PVE building types and players (See Rules for Full Info)
Age of Barbarians building restrictions & Player Behavior Rules (Based on Official Funcom Rules)
Keep personal insults to a minimum.
No Cheating/Bug abusing of any kind.
This is a PVE-C server, if you get killed you have to accept that, extreme insults etc. will not be tolerated.
Treat other players fairly, a chilled play style is the goal :slight_smile:
Don’t bully obvious noobs or players off the server.
No reigning total supreme control of the map and resources and wiping folks off the server.

Base Building Rules

Blocking story-points or boss-spawns is not allowed.
Don’t build your base unnecessary big, this has a heavy impact on server-performance and there’s no reason to build a big-ass base. From a good server-performance every player, including you profits.
Foundation spamming is not allowed.
Reframe from Attacking/Raiding on or around Official Server Designated PVE Structures(Marked By the Admin Sign officially. No Abusing This RULE!!), PM ME!! on Discord!! FOR INFO ON THIS PERMIT!!!

PVP Rules

Looting dead players is allowed. Try to stay fair and take only what you really need.
PvP between different Level is allowed.
PvP with unequal numbers of Players or Clans is allowed.

Discord is Provided by FTG(Four Two Gaming) And Server is hosted and provided to players by the FTG Community

Provided by Four Two Gaming
*Returning players or anyone who requests on Discord or requests such until the 31st of October can be given the “Survivors Package” To help encourage returning players to gain a foot on the Server. This Includes five helpful items to get started. *
10x Aloe Potions, 1x Bearer Pack, 1x Tamed Bear(One Per Clan) 1x Improved Waterskin, 1x Ready made Bed.

Must be a member on Discord to Request the “Survivors Package”




Join Discord if you want the Survivors Package And Ask for the Conan Role. Join the Conan Exiles Chat and Then Once you’re on the server ask for the “Survivors Package”

link please?.. :slight_smile:

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Updated the OP with a link to the discord if you’re interested on playing on the server and Getting the little survivors package to give a small boost to your start :slight_smile:

Updated original post! Server is still up and is popular still! :slight_smile: a few rules have changed since server began.

It’s a good server. I’ve enjoyed it so far.