[US: Cluster server EST PvP/RP/PVE/FUN] Fire & Blood Custom Loot table

Fire & Blood

Fire & Blood Siptah

Everything that is built by Fire & Blood clan is admin built. We have built a community area for the players. The main area is located at The Great Dam in G-10. The G-10 Grid is a no PvP zone & no Player base area. Our Pirate area is a small area, but also a no pvp while behind the fence. Talk to Npcs, trade, sell, and buy items. Custom loot tables on the server. Bosses have a chance to drop special loot that cannot be crafted in game. Move from Exiled Lands to Siptah freely with your main character. You can Earn Battle point tokens in our PvPvE arena that is open certain times Saturday & Sunday. These Battle points can be exchanged at our bank for certain pets, gear, skins, weapons, decor and more that you can't normally get in game.Only way to get these items is through our shops or boss drops. Our bank offers pippi to AoC currency exchange. We Welcome players that enjoy RP. The server has been built to accommodate players for it; However, RP is not forced on other players who don't enjoy it. The server gives you the feel of an mmo.

It is open world PvP, but there will be no base damage on this server. Our Arena is where you will earn most of your Battle Points. Admins will Reward players that PvP each other in the Arena at the times the Arena is open. There will also be mob/boss spawns in the Arena you can kill that will drop Battle Points.

Warning: This server’s combat is more Challenging than normal. This server is for more seasoned players. Some things are boosted, but this is not easy-mode you will work hard for what you want in PvE. Npcs do more damage, Npcs will receive less damage, players take more damage… Work as a team. Learn to block and dodge. Players will not drop loot on death, but will drop wallet gold every time they die. Your body will stay logged into the world. I would suggest not leaving your body where other players can loot you. You can be looted if your sleeping. Another suggestion would to be put your gear up before you logout. This is to keep players from logging out in our towns.

We have a Discord. Be sure to read rules to for the discord and conan server. Fire and Blood

:fire: Warps
:fire: Over 100 Kits made for Loot table
:fire: AvatarsDisabled
:fire: Animal Pen Crafting Time Multiplier cut in Half
:fire: Durability Multiplier 0.5 Making weapons and gear last much longer.
:fire: 2x XP
:fire: 2x Fuel burn time
:fire: Item spoil rate lowered (Food lasts longer than normal)
:fire: Offline thirst/hunger disabled
:fire: Idle thirst/hunger cut in half
:fire: Rates will increase when events are held.
:fire: 1.5x Land Claim Radius Multiplier
:fire: Allowed to build during purge

To give you an idea of Boss drops in the server:

Sewer Abomination Boss-
Gold 300 with 70% chance
Fireball Scorch mount 60% chance

Red Dragon Boss-
Red dragon trophy 50% chance
Gold 1,000 with 70% chance
Deathclaw head trophy 50% chance
Deathclaw mask skin 30% chance
Deathclaw mount (flying) 15 % chance

Warmarker Champion Boss-
Gold 1,000 with 100% chance
Hippogriff chair 50% chance
Fireworks 50% chance
Griffon Mount (Flying) 15% chance

The Mods:


The server seems to be pretty steady so far. Its nice when a server has some active mods and players. thats what i like about conan, being able to play on the map with other players sorta like a community of sorts.

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Throw me a follow and check out the server for yourself :smiley: Twitch

I have played on Fire & Blood servers on and off over several years. There is always great server management and ADMINS are pretty awesome. Willing to help at any time. The server vibe is always upbeat. I always love the energy in the discord and the friendly banter! Would definitely advise checking this server out if your looking for diverse fun. Work hard Play hard should be the servers moto! <3 it!

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Great server, great admins!

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Come join and have fun :slight_smile: