(US)Crom's Forge Server PvE-C/x4Gather/1.5x-XP

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(US)Crom’s Forge Server PvE-C/x4Gather/1.5x-XP

FTG Clan has ventured into High adventure into the Exiled Lands. The Server operates a slight modified PVE-C Ruleset to encourage Fair play PVP. Server also features Crom’s Arena Events every Thursdays and Sundays with loot for the champion and other rewards!

RULES & Guidelines
== What Crom see’s as good ==

  1. PvP is allowed and encouraged on Crom’s Forge. You can kill people however and when you want or not kill people and be friendly. For Crom does not care.
  2. No Base Damage via PvP is allowed and is disabled So you can build to your hearts content.
  3. Boss pulling is legal and not bannable however do so at your own risk.
  4. Any sort of PvP method is allowed and legal, Gas arrows or orbs, or any cheap tactic. So long as it doesn’t involve glitching or exploiting stuff.
  5. Stealing is allowed, Workbenches and unlocked chests are all fair game on Crom’s Forge.
  6. Harsh Language and banter back and forth is fine, minor attitude problems in chat are fine.

== What Crom doesn’t like to see==

  1. Any sort of Walling off. Such as Resources or Specific Boss spawns, or walling off Players inside their bases or an area.
  2. No Building over Boss spawns and blocking them off from spawning.
  3. No Drama.
  4. Under No exceptions is stealing stuff through walls loading in is allowed, This is an exploit
  5. No bullying people off the Server.

Feel Free to Join the Discord for Voice Chat or to join the Clan if you wish. Special Conan Exiles Roles can be given!

  • Updated the Name of the Server to currently reflect the browser’s name
  • Also XP rate is 1.8 not 1.5

Some updates

  • Updated the Discord to reflect the new location of the Discord’s Home

  • Cleaned it up with a complete full list of rules & other information.