[US East / PS4] The Hyborian Age - Performant Casual PVP - adult schedule friendly

Welcome to “The Hyborian Age”! An excellent performing PVP PS4 server with an adult-friendly raiding schedule, plus purge. Join us on discord @ discord.gg/hgMycsB

Changes from the default configuration include:

  • Slightly longer day/night cycle, with a moderately shortened night-time.
  • 3X resources collected, but reduced resource respawn (0.2) with the goal of adding some realism and fun - settled areas look settled as stuff doesn’t grow back instantly, and builders can spend less time collecting and more time building. Stockpiling however, requires venturing a little further than normal!
  • Only drop backpack on death (keep armor and quick slot items). (This is currently not functioning as expected; awaiting game patch to resolve)
  • Adult friendly raiding schedule. (much bigger window on weekends than weekdays)
  • Family friendly (no nudity)

The crew of three responsible for this server has been gaming for decades, and takes gaming seriously. There will be no server operator interference (except to deal with abusive/toxic language, or glitching/cheating). The server was started on 5/15/18 and still has lots of room in a very fresh world!

RP is welcome but not required. Our goal is to create a server where the members are friendly, but competitive with one-another. We’re always open to feedback, pay close attention to server performance, are are committed to delivering the best Conan gaming experience available.

If you’re looking for a server to get started on, this one will not disappoint. Plenty of slots available and no log-in contention. The modified day/night schedule, resource collection, and item drop policies make for a first class experience!

May the best clan rule.

Discord: discord.gg/hgMycsB

We’ve had several new people/groups join recently, and are looking forward to more. There’s still plenty of room, and a fresh Hyborian Age awaits you!

If you’re looking for a great, performant server with a friendly but competitive atmosphere, we look forward to meeting you. Hop into our Discord channel and hit us with some questions! discord.gg/hgMycsB

Server still going? I tried to join discord and ask but it said the invite has expired.