[US][EST] Small Gang Warfare | Classes | Dedicated | Maximum Performance


Greetings Exiles! The Rubicon Gaming Community has setup what we believe is one of the finest running community servers in the US! We’re looking for cool people to join our server to cooperate with/murder us. We have plans for large scale server events including gladiator style combat in our soon to be constructed coliseum! Both PVE and PVP events will be held and the rewards will be grand!

The important stuff:

We are small group focused with a maximum clan size of 6! No worrying about giant zerg clans relentlessly picking on the smaller groups. :slight_smile:

Since the game has been live for a few weeks now, we have implemented a catch-up system with incentives for migrating from your existing server to ours! Just ask a moderator about it!

Our server has a ton of excellent features such as:

  • Unparalleled performance! - Our server tech is some of the best money can buy
  • Reduced durability damage. Spend less time repairing your things!
  • Mods
    • Pippi Mod - Features a currency system with all sorts of quality of life kits to purchase!
    • Swift Elevator Mod
    • Ruins of the Storm Placeables
    • Class Mod - This adds some really awesome and well balanced classes to the game as well as player owned trading stations!
  • Longer days
  • XP boost
  • Small hunger/thirst reduction
  • Nightly restarts, automatic updates, and automated warnings for both in advance!
  • Faster crafting
  • And full nudity. OBVIOUSLY.

If you’re looking for a great Exiles server, we welcome you and your friends to join up and help make it the best community server out there!

Sounds good, and a team of 4 of us would love to join…but the “region locked” is an issue. One of our players is stationed in Korea but has amazing ping (usually 100-200 tops). Would it not be better to set a ping limit instead of cutting off entire regions of the globe? I agree that some people in some terrible regions have awful ping times, but some of the countries you are excluding have the best internet in the world :stuck_out_tongue:

We would be happy to have you and your group on the server including your Korean friend. I think you are right, a ping limit is preferable to a region lock. I’ll apply this to the server in the next few minutes. Hope to see you and your friends around!

Yay for more servers!

Edit: Added Swift Elevator mod by by popular demand

The swift elevator mod is a thing of beauty.

Still have lots of spots open on the server!

Just added 3 great new mods to the server:

Ruins of the Storm: Placeables
Wood Chips - Don’t smoke with bark
Tool Durability x2

Hope to see some new faces on the server!

Just made some big updates to the server!

We are now proud to feature Class Mod! Join us and choose from several kick ■■■ classes.