(US) Nonstop PvP-Raid-Kits-Shops-Gods Allowed

Fresh Wipe 5/3 (US) Nonstop PvP-Raid-Kits-Shops-Gods Allowed (PC)

https ://topconanservers.com/server/21480228

https ://discord. gg/kgP9QEH

Server center: New York, NY, USA

Player XP multiplier: 10x

Player harvesting multiplier: 10x

Gods: Enabled.

Max Clan Size: 5 players

Raid: Any time you want

Encumbrance very slightly adjusted to compensate for increased gathering.

Food/water consumption Vanilla.

Crafting speed increased.

Purge only happens if a player is online.

Animal and thrall crafting speed increased.

ID: 880454836 Pippi
ID: 884168480 LitManThrallPlacingDistance
ID: 864199675 Pickup+
ID: 1138108077 LitMan Level One Fifty Six(edited)